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Michael Connelly is an American citizen born July 21, 1956. He is the author of Detective novels and other fictions related to crime. Throughout his career, he has managed to write many books and translated them into thirty five languages spoken in the world. This has allowed him to scope many awards on writing. Connelly was the leader of mystery Writers of America from 2003 to 2004.

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Born to W. Connelly and Mary Connelly, Michael was the first child. His father having undergone many difficulties in life wanted his son to be successful in life. Good education was provided to him since his father worked as a property developer while her mother was a homemaker. In 1980, Michael graduated from the University of Florida. He was immediately employed as a write at the Daytona Beach News Journal. Connelly wrote his first book the black echo and published it in 1983. He quitted his job as a reporter in 1995 so as to be a full time writer.

Since assuming his writing position fully, Connelly has gained a lot of publicity amongst several prominent leaders such as the then president of the US Bill Clinton. The awards he has managed from his writing skills includes the Edgars Award, Anthony Award, and Macavity Award among others.

Plot of characters

Connelly has been keen in choosing his characters. Such careful selections goes hand in hand with the theme that interests him most, crime scene. There are six main characters in this book and each and every one of them has got a vital role to play. Hieronymus Bosch is a police detective from Los Angeles and plays a good role in the field of investigations. Michael “Mickey” Haller plays a role of criminal defense. Terrell is a former FBI agent; Jack Mcevoy is a crime reporter, Cassidy a burglar and Rachel walling who is also an FBI agent. Each one of them contributes to the plot of the novel thus making it more interesting since in a way, they play their roles with experience obtained from their former fields of work.

Book Review

In this book, “The Brass Verdict”, the plan of the author had been straight forward. After missing the court legal procedures for nearly two years, Mickey Haller, who is the defense attorney, was to adapt to the working conditions at a relatively slower pace. He was to recover from the stress that he had undergone and the day in day out mental temptations.

The untimely and unforeseen death of Mickey’s colleague Jerry Vincent implied that Mickey had to inherit all the cases that were previously handled by his death counterpart. The total cases left unattended to by Jerry were thirty one hence Mickey had to put in more efforts to handle them effectively. Among these cases there was one that really was cumbersome, and was speculated as being the cause of Jerry’s death. The case involved Walter Elliot accused of having murdered his wife.

Harry Bosch is the chief investigator of the murder case, and by all possible means, he wants to see justice done. Harry and Mickey play a role that contradicts and each and every one is fighting for justice to be done. However, they both have a common objective of taking legal actions on the investigation of their learned friends’ killer(s).


I do recommend this book to all target readers because it involves someone’s psychological thinking and also educates one on the legal actions to be taken in the event if crime. Despite the misunderstandings amongst the characters and the emerging themes such as justice and fairness, I reader is left yearning for more. This is generally involving and very interesting.


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