Free Dante Essay Sample

Question 1

Through out the journey that takes place at the city of Dis, Dante encounters many challenges in the inferno. He get’s lost in a dark wood that symbolizes the sin. He also uses the beasts such as leopard, lion and, she wolf which he cannot avoid to symbolize the sufferings that he undergoes as a punishment for the sins. The sun behind the mountain is a transition symbol of salvation from inferno to purgatory where there is much hope of eventually moving to paradiso. The ability of a Christian’s soul to see a sin in reality and, the beasts representing the three categories of sin in an inferno representation is allegorical. Also the poem shows the journey a soul makes towards God with inferno describing the recognition of sin is allegorical. Every element therein relates very well with the reality. From the Catholic view of the after world, inferno is a punishment of sins that a Christians did not repent during their earthly life. Punishment of sins in inferno is a form of administering justice. This illustrates allegory.

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Question 2

Dante holds a conversation with Brunetto Latini who mentors him. This make Dante regard him with a lot of respect and  gratitude.  He also teaches him the way of a man’s eternity. This interaction made some contribution to the poem. Dante does not discriminate when placing any man through inferno, every sin must pass through inferno.

Question 3

Lucifer is a completely bound giant beast which is ice frozen at the centre of inferno. The centre has highest concentration of wickedness. Dante takes Lucifer for a powerless sinner who will be forever under punishment in the inferno for introducing sin to the world. Dante describes Lucifer as having very weird physical features like three heads and, bat like wings all that acts as weapons to add misery and, great sufferings to sinners in inferno.


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