Free Difficult Love Notes Essay Sample

  • Love. The story is about love amidst difficulties such as deceit, disappointment and loneliness.
  • Determination. this is evident from the manner how each person handles the love notes from each mate.
  • Fear. The fear of the unknown becomes evident after receiving each note by every recipient.
  • Resilience. The characters in each story have shown tolerance to their relations amidst varied challenges.
  • Romance. This is a clear indicator of the joy and love, it is brought out in every setting, thus, creating a sense of adventure and happiness.

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Summary of Each Story

Although the theme of love runs throughout the book, each character of every story is disturbed with the inner thoughts. This is depicted in the way how each of them spends time alone.

The book is about love, though, at some parts there is unrequited love, which overshadows on that instances of happiness which have been spent before the moment the lovers have been apart.

While reading the book, it is obvious that love is undergoing a transition or a phase of change into maturity. It is however evident that the characters are in love. This is also seen from how every challenge is resisted.

The story represents a theme of survival and triumph over situations and circumstance that seems difficult in the beginning . In addition it shows how difficulties vary from emotional to logical among other challenges .We see a happy ending. Everybody is afraid of a break-up, hence, we see the characters trying hard to mend relationships to avoid being upset unnecessarily. “Difficult Love Notes” is a collection of stories that emphasizes on love beyond material things but happiness.


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