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The story "Everyday use" evokes the powerful matriarch in the description, "for your grandmamma".  The visit of a superficial Africanized daughter to her sister and mother who are living in the isolated poverty status in the rural area distinguishes the attitudes of the sisters towards two quilts of heirloom. "Everyday Use" created by Alice Walker, is a story that embellishes a few angles such as heir loom collections and the quilts concerned were kept in good tidy shape and have withstood the times by being spic and span.  The credit goes to the family members who have contributed especially sisters in maintaining the quality of quilts that could be treated as invaluable collections.  The story talks about the present, past and by family's maintenance for the future as well.  A story "A Rose for Emily" created by William Faulkner by establishing his present, past and future for the development of a strong character of Emily for the purposes of awakening and following suit by other members of the family.  This story was described in a gothic style in the good judgment that it makes gloomy atmosphere in which an old spinster who is totally shut out from the teeming outside world lives in a decaying mansion with one of floors closed.  Apparently Emily refuses to agree the passing of change or time in any sense.  Film Lars and the real girl by Nancy Oliver, propounds the fact of awakening and deceleration of the South American society in terms of character and moral values.  

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The sisters had the finesse and the capability for ensuring a blend of art and culture in collecting various designs of the product as narrated by Alice Walker in her story "Everyday use".  Many people can derive sources of inspiration from the story when they receive from grandfathers or grandmothers various products including gifts to maintain them in tidy fashion for long years to ensure the reconnaissance's of yester-years.  The story hence brings about a blend of the past with the present day scenario and brings about the utility and worthiness of various articles or products for long cherished rekindling of fond memories.  It is also a curtain raiser for the time to follow in the foreseeable future to substantiate the worthiness of the well maintained product. It is also an ascent for the closeness of the family that contributed to such a milieu to ensure its encounter in the most positive and pleasant manner. 

The story of William Faulkner "A rose for Emily" describes a blend of past and present.  It encompasses characters such as Colonel Sartoris and the board of alderman who happens to be Emily's suitor who is also the Yankee Barron.   It encompasses the newly constituted board of alderman that also happens to manifest the next generation replete with abundance of innovative ideas befitting the styles of modernity.  It is also enigmatic and brings into your fold all the present modern ideas and the current day ambience and atmosphere.  William Faulkner won many laurels and tributes in the form of achievement and accreditation of noble prize for literature in 1950 and also Pulitzer prizes in his sway.  In spite of all achievements, nonetheless he had financial problems and over came his losing air force assignment in young ages to add you in his approach to clinch back university level education in oxford.  He cherished a lot of liking for his mother Maud Faulkner and did not establish a good relationship with his father as he himself did not maintain good relationship with him.  Despite Maud Faulkner maintained good relationship with William Faulkner and her husband and created bondage of leitmotif of the subject theme family.  The story goes to the extent of depicting the demise of William Faulkner in 1962.  The William Faulkner lived in New Orleans Hollywood, New York and Mississippi.  Even though he spent a considerable part of his time in Mississippi, he had spread his wings to many other cities during his life.  In describing Emily herself, the first step is from close up and in the complete text it is all memorable passages which is more horrible than something else.  The storyteller seems to have uttered a type of understanding sympathetically of the stubborn resistance to the ideas of modern times and an attitude of positive to the system of old values.

Film Lars and the real girl was narrated by Nancy Oliver and was a well star cast movie with an amazing budget.  It is still being screened in the United States of America and other countries with distribution rights.  As a matter of fact it is a good American drama based on modern society amplifying a family affair.  It also is based on the delicate adolescence that sometimes guidance is required for maintaining maturity till the stage of reading adult to know certain aspects for which subtle maturity is required to know the reality of the actual world.  It is necessary to establish a fond relationship with the family for avoidance of emotional upheaval as well as stud poker mysteries.  It is a sine-qua-non to ensure strong togetherness to develop the feeling of security under such circumstances in the form of friends, parents and good academicians.  The film goes on to elaborate to the effect that American correspondent Kenneth Tynan through his words awakened the minds of multitudes of people in the society.  This is meant for establishing a phenomenon of creating a strange stammering poem that brings comic relief to encompass friends as well as others including neighbors who are trust worthy to develop a sense of abundance of security and removal of intrigue.   The only sense of development that appeals to many minds would ensure a lot of awareness to the effect as to why the derangement of South American society has taken place.  It makes many adolescents derelict without the requisite knowledge of coming out of it and concentrate on studies as well as growth and development.  The film was directed by Craig Gillespie whose official credit encompasses two recently released studio comedies with Billy Bob Thornton including Mr. Woodcock.  Lars is played by Ryan Gosling who has acted well to become more familiar a face than the names that would be remembered for a very long time. Their faces would be remembered for time immemorial to save various countenances for establishing a perfect milieu in the backdrop of the film that was shot in Ontario in Canada.  A capability would ensure an introvert to make good friends to bring about a revelation of security as well as brings about various points to ponder for establishment of an incessant repertoire of life strokes for an upbeat success.  

The first story in detail "Everyday use" by Alice Walker has described the importance of collecting various heir loom collections in the form of quilts with the bondage created by the members of the family right since grand parents.  The capabilities of improvising innovative designs would ensure a perfect milieu of prestigious designs that would broad base the status and upgrading standards of living to a height that had not been hitherto seen.  The capacity is further enhanced in depicting how various objectives are fulfilled with an emphasis on a sense of achievement that makes people thronging for achievement with proximity.  The other story "A rose for Emily" by William Faulkner would also ensure a different kind of a story that make a great author befitting the coveted noble prize award and Pulitzer prizes.  The first story "Everyday use" also promotes the concept of art and culture with collections for the purposes of maintaining dignity and pride.  The film "Lars and the real girl" would ensure the development of adolescence to maturity for establishment of a status that stands apart amidst the contemporaries.   The second story "A rose for Emily" also describes the transgression of tradition in South American society.  The film concentrates on the development of adolescence into reformed maturity by making them shoulder responsibilities for ensuring a successful attempt to success that is far reaching than being in solitude with a sense of insecurity. 

Hence, all the stories and film centre around the capabilities of a family not distancing themselves from the responsibility of fulfillment of duties towards their family members from various directions for achievement of success.  A capacity for emboldening yourselves is spontaneously developed with the sources of inspirations for enchantment of various ideas that govern the philosophy of achievement and well being.  The capabilities are accentuated for development of ensuring compassion as well as balanced aggressiveness for development of various walks of life in the spirit that it ought to have been achieved for growth and development.   Hence, all the three stories develop a countenance that cannot be looked down upon in terms of promotion of art and culture as well as for the development of a philosophy that brings about tumultuous welcome for bringing about a successful scenario for cherishing the reconnaissance's of the past by making improvements in the present and future.   The stories depict the vicissitudes of various characters throughout their lives for enhancement of the career and status prospects.


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