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Explicit sexual materials that are presented in order to satisfy or arouse sexual needs can be described as pornographic. This ranges from a variety of materials such as books, films, video games, animations and so on. History proves that books published on sexuality have changed people’s assumptions, values, and aspirations. Thus, it is true to say that sex is as old as civilization. Hence, Gore Vidal’s pornography book has elevated his career through attracting various media venues. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss his book and review it.

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Gore is a renowned author and a political activist; he prides in several publications of novels, plays and has a great prowess in political criticism. Gore was born and bred in what today would be said to be a normal family setting: in the family of socialites with good education. His family that was long important in the American political circles somehow influenced his life politically. He even had a dream to become a President of America.

However, he grew up as an every normal child; he even admits having affairs with men and women - a possibility that made him get the exposure and a vast knowledge on sexuality. Besides writing several successful novels, “The city and the pillar” was a springboard for his writing career due to the favor exhibited by its dispassionate attitude to homosexuality and sex liberation.

In this paper, we shall, therefore, discuss Gores book on pornography. It is a story about a young man who discovers his sexuality as he matures. This is a unique story that defies social norms on gay rights: Jim is a talented tennis player and has a friend by the name Bob. Though Bob is younger than Jim, they seem to have a tight friendship and they enjoy each other’s company. Just like any other normal teenager, they engage in discussions varied from girls, sexuality and so on. This leads them to have sex; confrontations ensue among other escapes with girls. Finally, a break up happens followed by several relationships with other boys and girls. During this time, the Second World War begins and the two youth set out to look for jobs in the army in America. As a result, they are separated as they are sent to various boundaries. This affects their sexual relationship.

In this particular book, Gore seeks to bring out the fact that homosexuality is normal and masculine. He elaborates the protagonists as strong and sporty with a sole purpose to counter superstition on sexuality in America. The two characters Jim and Bob are portrayed as foolish and destructive, especially when they fight after their reunion from the World War II period. However, there was a great controversy that was sparked by the book “The city and the Pillar”. This was because homosexuality was then considered a taboo and was seen immoral. Being the first book of such a high caliber, Gore was daring enough to portray homosexuality as normal or natural behavior. He, however, took the criticism positively and assumed the emotions sparked by the press as pleasant. The success of this book drives other publications reproduced by other renowned authors with the aim of understanding Gore Vidal’s sexuality.

At some point, Gore was candid enough to write about his family that consists of three daughters and the mother. In “Tipper and Porn Rock” Gore is desperate to get a boy for a son, but it seemed impossible. They try out various sterilization methods until he finds a book on “how to choose the sex of your baby” - the book generally discusses gender selection. Hence, it sparked Gores interest and most personal experience and urged to try it out. He even trusted the methods, since it was claimed they are 75-80% effective.

Besides the biological theories about X and Y-chromosomes mutations and so on, Gore was interested in other methods advised to improve the chances of getting a boy. For instance, it was advised that one should avoid tight fitting pants or jockey shorts, since they tend to reduce the sperm within the testes. Men are also advised to take coffee some minutes before having sex, and this is believed to give the male producing sperms extra speed.

Gore was keen to note that he should try for deep penetration as he tends to get to his climax as this will help him deposit his sperms closer to the cervix. In addition, trying out positions that make him access the vagina from the rear would ensure that the sperm are deposited at the opening of the cervix. Albert Arnold Gore III was born. He was so delighted that he was unable to hold back sharing his mastery in the acquired knowledge in techniques of determining the sex of a child. He recommended the method discussed in the book to several people who were at the verge of giving up for sons and it was successful for them.

In conclusion, I view Gore as a literature work and as a social, political, and sexual stimulus response within ourselves before we extend it to the opposite sex. He is a strong believer in sex liberation, though he brings it out in an exceptionally funny manner. His works are of a great value for very scholar who is interested in the legendary American authors. His catchy titles, mostly erotic titles, leave a reader engrossed in his work. Despite Gore’s mastery and deep ambition in politics, he always remained a key figure in literature. All his work was well received by critics, thus propelling his literature and career to higher heights. Despite the numerous challenges he faced, he managed to publish numerous books under pseudonym ‘Edgar Box’. This also saw him write plays and other screen material that made him famous as a critic.


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