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Michel Frizot, in his book, history of Photography, tries to give a deep meaning in the life of man by exploring the various types of images that we can be able to represent ourselves with by the use of photography.  Similarly, through photography, we look at the various levels that the human soul can take and occupy bringing about the arousal of a number of mental pictures that tend to provoke repulsion or the desire of the images. The book contains a number of essays from different experts in the area of photography. We are taken through the journey of time by the author and how photography has developed to reach the position that it is currently enjoying. This is from the age of tracing to how photography is currently being practiced. For instance, Frizot considers photography as a servant in the art discipline that has matured from a very humble background, where it was perceived and valued by people due to the artistic features it had and less for its ability to store history. The similar opinion is forwarded by Hurbertus Von Amelunxen through his work, photography and the recording of history, where he emphasizes on the crucial role that s played by the camera.

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The war between the Mexicans and the Americans was the first to be recorded in photographs in 1846. However, the pictures that were taken during these periods were considered to portray the tone of patriotism whereby majority of them were those of American officials. In t1853, during the Crimean war, the photographs and the role they played started to be recognized by publishers and governments and during the Paris commune in 1871, photographs were used as weapons to investigate the wars' logistics. From early on in the onset of photography, the photographers were interested in being recognized as artists and this was later to be fulfilled in the late 1800s. all this is indicated in the book and a lot is also shown regarding to how photograph has evolved inextricably and simultaneously and is being regarded as both fine art work and an historic too, through which memories can be stored and cherished.

It is an indisputable fact that throughout man's existence, photography has played a major role, for instance, all the goings in man's life has been illustrated in photography. This is both in sufferings and in hope. For instance, the tragedies witnessed in the world war one have never escaped man's memories due tot h e photographs that were taken in the war. Similarly, Frizot says that the American photographs that were taken have forever marked the disillusionment and a quest for poetic. In relation to the work that Michel Frizot has done, Mary Warner's work photography: a cultural history also does bring out the journey that has been travelled by photography till the positi9on it is currently enjoying. In her piece of work, Warner illustrates various circumstances under which photography has been emp0loyed and the type of response it has received. For instance, she talks of the role of recording of events by the use of the camera where she uses the war as an illustration in which photography was highly utilized. In this she lays great emphasis on the Mexican American war, and the conflicts that existed between he Britons and the Asians.

Warner also looks at the role that photography played in travel and expedition in which case she uses the Egyptian and the land that is considered holy and the type of controversy that existed among them. In addition to this, the historical monuments that are found in Egypt have managed to remain within the minds of the people due to the photographs taken of them.  Warner argues that photography has been employed by governments in carrying out a number of surveys. Through this surveys, a lot has managed to be discussed which has led to coming up with strategies and ideas that are both advantageous to the citizens as a whole.  This shows how photography has managed to improve the general conditions of man both directly and indirectly. Form the two works, he authors try to illustrate that man has learnt a lot form the past and the mistakes he made that are represented in the photographs can never be repeated due to the images being stuck in his mind.


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