Free Indian Viewpoint of the Conquest Essay Sample

The broken spear, a book edited by Miguel Leon-Portillo tells the story of the genocide of Mexico from, not only the viewpoint of the victims, but actually in their own words. The book contains a number of extracts from Aztec account of the genocide of Mexico. Leon-Portillo tries to explain the background and peculiarities to but it in context. The broken spear unlike most accounts of the genocide of Mexico portrays the great Aztec people with their full dignity, beauty, and culture. Even after the genocide and the great suffering that affected them , they are still dignified and noble, this story shows the Aztecs as they were, very cultured, and with high levels of organization and religion. It also shows Aztecs resisting the European bravely and fiercely even though they lost eventually.

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However, it also shows the faults, weaknesses and failures of the Aztecs, from the average Aztec's perspective. We seethe Aztec leader who, despite knowing that the Europeans were brutal murderers, chose to fight them from the very beginning. This leader was later imprisoned by the Europeans and issued orders on their behalf. He was later executed Aztec people for treachery. We also see the leaders from other tribes who were the collaborators acting as willing allies to the Europeans, and betraying  out the Aztecs, and in the end they also betrayed their own people, to  the Europeans. We also see the extremism and defiance of the Aztec people who did not waver but arose and took the fight to these Europeans.  

The factors that contributed to the defeat of the Aztecs were several. The main includes; superstition, weapons and warring tactics, and the introduction of new diseases. There were sign and omens that seemed to predict the downfall of civilization. These were the part of Aztec religion. The Aztecs used of arrows and spears which could not match the Spaniards weapons. The war was being fought in the name of God or gods, but the Spaniards appeared to kill for the pleasure of killing. The Aztecs fought in order to make sacrifices to their god.


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