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Summary (Chapter 10- 12)

The setting of these chapters is in a place called Uppercross where some of the characters are living. These chapters are also set at a town called Lyme where the rest of the characters are living. Anne is in the company of her friends in Uppercross, who persuade her to join them for a walk. She is reluctant because Charles Hayter is present. Anne and Charles were supposed to get married but Annie refused making Charles to get married to Mary. Anne was going to move in with Lady Russel in the same village with Captain Wentworth. Anne did not like this because she had feelings for Wentworth but he did not seem to like her. Charles, Mary, Henrietta, Anne and Captain Wentworth set on a journey to Lyme to see Captain Harville who has been unwell after suffering from a wound.

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Anne and Henrietta decided to go for a walk by the sea, before having breakfast. As they are walking they meet a man who gets Anne's attention and he too is fascinated by Anne. Later at the inn, Anne learns that he could be a relative. Louise is injured in the Cobb when they were traveling back to Uppercross. Captain Wentworth volunteers to break the news about Louise to her parents before they take her home. He tells them and they receive Louise, Captain Wentworth travels back to Lyme.

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Which characters do you like or admire

Lady Russel is a favorite character because she is of an intelligent nature. She is known to be of steady character and very influential to people. Henrietta also has an attribute of appreciating others. She appreciates and admires Lady Russel and wishes she had such a neighbour. Anne also possesses this attribute. My opinion of other characters like Annie and Captain Wentworth changed when show personalities by being helpful and hospitable when Louise hurts herself. Anne and Captain Wentworth take her back to her parents.


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