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The author of the book "looking at women" seems to disagree on how men perceive women as objects that can be manipulated anytime. Sander asserts that, he fails to understand why men are the one who decide on how women are seen in our societies today. In this book women passive men as stereotypes who wants things to be done the way they want. The women in this book have refused the passivity exposed in men to be imposed on them. Women believe they are a symbol of beauty therefore, it is their right to display their beauty so as the guys should gaze at them. It is obvious that many women pass through the world having particular ambitions whereas others just want to be conspicuous (294).

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The male audience of this book enlightened Sanders mind to have a completely different view on women. The way men see women as sexual objects creates a very disgusting view on sander who is been affected by this because she is also a woman. His emotional state is interesting as he describes what he sees in the exceedingly belittling manor as a "meat Market." According to Sander, Norman's mother also played a fundamental part in the formation of Sanders views on women and sexuality. She taught him to think of the emotions displayed by others and to consider their psychological well being as well. She for all intents and purposes asks him "How do you think she feels?"  It is clear that men find women more connivance than the tyrant usually finds in the oppressed. And in the bad devotion they take approval from this to announce that she has most wanted to have this kind of destiny befall her. This quote by Beauvoir is breaking inside of the mind and anticipated sexual characteristics roles no uncertainty play a part in how men look at women (305).


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