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Free Machiavelli's the Prince Essay Sample

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The prince by Machiavelli is one of the plays that were acted in the long past during the time of Machiavelli himself. It depicts the works of the Italian reconnaissance. Machiavelli is the author of the play. He is very shocking in the ideas that he exemplifies in the play. In his categories of explanations, he views a different kind of leadership and statesmanship that should actually exist in the world of today. Machiavelli says that it was quite observable that the ancient modes of statesmanship were very efficient and effective in the governance of the nations. He set out some of the radical rules that he aspired to use when he gets to power. There are many other controversial situations that Machiavelli highlights in the play. He had sterling beliefs and intentions that he desired for them to come to pass. He believed heavily in the use of force in many activities that he got involved in. In this play, what is actually common is the desire Machiavelli had over particular kind of leadership in the world. He said that "virtue against fury shall advance the fight" (Machiavelli, 2008).

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Machiavelli had a vision of uniting the nation of Italy. In most of the works that he did, he emphasized on particular kinds of leadership styles that have to be embraced for the nation to be united. This involved the use of force in every endeavor that men are involved in. The book is a major explanation of the kinds of directions that should be taken by leaders in their leadership. It deals with the methodologies that a leader can use to conquer and have a firm control of every competitor that comes his or her way. Here, Machiavelli sounds tyrannical. He advocates for the use of force to let things happen in order. In some of the messages that he issues, there is a sign of the use of force when things don't seem to happen in the right direction.

There is the theme of practice in the book. Here, we see the prince highlighting several instances that he says one should not avoid in life. In this book, there is no time that we are told who the leader is. We don't see the real prince and any principality that is portrayed in the entire play. We are only told of the qualities that have enabled the ruler to ascend to the level that he has got to. It is at this time that we are told of the vision that Machiavelli had for his country for a period of 350 years to come. Machiavelli is very practical at every circumstance and scenario he gets himself in. even in his thoughts, we are able to see the nature of leadership that he would have been administering if he were a ruler now (Machiavelli, 1969).

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There are instances in the work which discuses on the ways of acquiring land that Machiavelli has proposed to be practical in nature. These are an individual's arms and virtue collaborated with inequality, fortunes, among others. Here, we are able to realize of the kind of leadership that Machiavelli advocates for. He epitomizes that a leader has to be manly enough in order to be able to rule any given city of government. He says that you have to be in possession of two common things; one is virtue and the other is arms. The arms will help you to conquer and maintain the best kinds of leadership that you want in life. On the other hand, the virtue will instill a sense of wisdom in the governance of any principality. Moreover, the use of fortune does not actually keep a firm state for a good and long time.

Machiavelli advocates for the use of evil to acquire any principality that an individual may be in need of. Here, he gives an example of the leadership of Agatholes of Syracuse. Here, we are able to see the leader ruling the nation simply by subjecting fear among the citizens so that they are not able to rise up and demand of their needs. He says that this is one of the most peaceful leadership styles in the entire world (Machiavelli, 2008).

There are other styles of leadership that Machiavelli exemplifies in the story. He explains the role the church plays in offering leadership to the people. It is at this instance that he explores into ways of determining the strengths and weaknesses of other principalities. He uses one of his works called mercenaries. He appears against the use of this particular kind of leadership. Moreover, Machiavelli advances into the biblical ideas that have become of assistance to the kind of leadership that he advocates for. He gives us an example of the fight that took place between David and goliath. Furthermore, he takes us to the situations that happened to the Roman and the contemporary generals who did or did not involve in mercenaries upon their own countrymen. All these are to draw the kinds of qualities which are expected of any leader who is governing any group of people (Machiavelli, 1938).

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Use of money is another theme that is profound in this play. Machiavelli has demonstrated various perspectives in which a leader is supposed to use money. He says that it is better for a leader to use the money to control the nation. This is because of the fact that you will likely come to fall one day. So it is advisable that a leader uses money in a way to win the interest of the people. In this similar case, he says that for you to be generous, you will be forced to tax the people so that you can be able to get the money that you will be giving to the development of the nation (Machiavelli, 1969).

Machiavelli also explore into the need to be loved or not loved by the people one is governing. To him, he says that it is better to be in possession of both of them. Love is a sense that will drive the people to work out of a self will in the development of the nation. On the other hand, fear is very effective in the governance of nations with struggles and quarrels.

In conclusion, Machiavelli is one of the influential leaders that the world would have in possession. In his proposals in the works: the prince, we are able to note and understand various qualities that leaders have to be in possession for them to manage and administer governance among the nations. Machiavelli advocated for the use of force in most of the leadership styles in the world. He dwells on the fact that virtue that is against fury shall advance the war.


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