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The analysis of the Melville's Parable of the Walls can be viewed in the perspective of the societal realities. Melville gives a detailed account of his personal encounter with the society and its most influential factor: commerce. The narrator comes into contact with the capitalist society that pursues accumulation of wealth at the expense of other needs of humanity. There is a distinct meaning drawn from the scene where the actions of the parable take place- the Wall Street. Melville uses the Wall Street to symbolize the way the society is controlled. Not only is the narrator hemmed in the walls but also the entire humanity (Marx, 2001). Thus there is a great impact on the personality of the narrator as well as his profession due to the nature of the society.

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Melville's approach to the society in such a parable depicts high level of experience. The author writes on his own account of the story. As it can be understood, Melville preferred to write the story on his own perspective and experience as an author (Melville, 2004). The copyist employed by a Wall Street lawyer is adamant in following instructions, opting not to do as instructed. Thus Melville paints a dilemma that he is facing in his career. It is tempting to think of the story as Melville's biography. However, close scrutiny sheds more light about the parable. The story does not portray an errant writer, keen on deviating from the societal demands. Rather, we get a feeling that inevitable philosophical quests are the cause of the deviation. In the story, it is significant that Melville shifts attention from his earlier perspective into a new one; embracing more of the realities of life. The story reveals that it was inevitable for the author to adopt a new dimension in his work. Apparently, the society is dire need of the new dispensation than any other time before.


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