Free No Country for Old Men Essay Sample

The novel by Cormac McCarthy is a modern day thriller that extensively explores the intricate episodes that accompanies organized crime and war on drugs. Through out the book we are able to see the culmination of a crime that involves drugs or drug trafficking. As it has been depicted in the novel; anyone that gets himself involved in the interdiction of a crime involving drugs is essentially courting death. The greed to make instant profits from this drug trading surpasses any feeling of remorse or let alone any emotions. So long as you interfere with the mission of the drug barons be ready to be silenced forever. It has been seen that blood shed will always come with drug trafficking since even the players in the trade hunt down each other. The statement, "You don't owe nothing to dead people", propels their addenda. There is lack of trust in this trade and the only purpose for getting involved in the trade is for the enormous profit.

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Predominantly in this book the theme of war on drugs is largely explored. The whole plot unfolds with a drug syndicate gone sour. Moss is unexpectedly and accidentally caught in a war about drugs and money that he did not understand its beginning. The book shows how intricate the crime involving drugs can be and how hard it is to bust the individuals involved. Being a veteran of the Second World War, Bell does not help to solve anything and he only represent the tired old folk that cannot deal with the high pace of life involving crime of drugs. Drug peddling has been portrayed as a sophisticated affair involving the use of all means to get what one desires.

The hit men that are hired by the drug barons are not new to crime and are professional killers who do not hesitate to pull the trigger at the slightest provocation. More importantly also, it has been demonstrated in the novel that it is very hard to stop the drug barons from accomplishing their agenda. Eventually after all the trouble we see the satchel with cash being returned to the rightful owner who we believe is a drug baron whose men were killed on the first crime scene. It is clearly shown that it is impossible to put a stop to drug trafficking since it involves sophisticated crime gangs and well informed individuals who will stop at nothing if their drug business is at stake. Clearly depicted in the book is the fact that the drug business cut across borders.

The plot picks up with a simple stumble-on encountered by Llewlyn Moss on his way to hunt an antelope.  He walks into a drug deal gone sour that has resulted into the execution of every individual safe for one person, who is on the verge of death. The man asks Moss for water but he responds that he does not have any. When he inspects the truck at the seen he finds it full of heroin, he ransacks one of the dead men and stumbles upon $2.4 million in cash which he takes and goes with it at home. Reaching home he feels remorseful and returns to the scene of the crime with a jug full of water to give to the thirsty man. To his dismay he finds the man has already been murdered. Where he has packed his car he realizes that there is another car packed. As he bolts to escape he has already been noticed and the gunmen in the other truck give chase. The chase for the missing money results into many deaths and the hit men hired by the drug barons do not hesitate to eliminate anyone who comes between them and the money.  After trying in vain to locate the culprits in this drug syndicate, Bell decides to retire and drive out of the courthouse feeling defeated and outmatched. The envisioning of Bell that takes up the rest of the book.

The book pits the wit of the drug trafficker against the organization of the ruling authorities through Sheriff Tom Bell. It has been described that the sophisticated drug deal will more than just little effort from the government to stop it. The battle in the drug syndicate is very intricate and its outcome is always bloody. The novel is fast paced and depicts top most work of fiction of this era.

Further more it involves individual who have had professional training particularly in the handling of weapons. We see many characters involved being ex-soldiers. Even Moss himself was a War veteran during the Vietnam War. He is caught in a gripping and dramatic crime blockbuster that he had known nothing about. His greed for the many eventually causes his death and that of his wife. Cormac McCarthy has produced a piece of literature that tales the story of drugs which particularly bombards the US border to Mexico and Mexico itself.


No country for old men makes an interesting read that will go along way at shading light in what is happening in the drug crime scene. Any one who is interested in having an informed knowledge about the intricate drug crime will find the Cormac McCarthy novel 'No country for old men' a really eye opener.


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