Free No Human Being is Illegal Essay Sample

Mae's book no Human Being is illegal is a book about immigration. The author has taken his time to focus on the immigrants, the challenges and difficulties they face and so on. Immigration is a problem that is faced by immigrants, especially who migrate without the legal means. The author tries to bring to the people's attention that the migrants are people too who should be treated with respect.

The author has tried mention how these people are used by different parties for their own selfish gains. Citizens of the country these migrants are in take advantage of them and give them some poor pay especially if they realize that they do not have the legal working documents required.

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In America, illegal Mexican migrants work in people's homes and are underpaid compared to an American maid just because there is nothing much she can do in terms of seeking legal justice. Political parties use this topic in political meetings in order to strike hot debates and point fingers at each other concerning who are for or against the migrants- hypocrisy.

The author is writing to the people of the United States of America in particular as they seem to be having the highest number of immigrants in a year. It is clearly seen that these people think that the immigrants are not good for the United States. The author gives an incidence of the kind of feedback he got after he wrote an article for a local major newspaper about how the government gave citizenship to a large number of immigrants during the first fifty years of the twentieth century. Postcards that were written abusive language like "stupid professor" were sent to him just to put across the message of how they felt about the topic and the immigrants in general.

The author clearly shows that the audience he is writing to do not like these immigrants at all. The heading itself, "No Human Being is Illegal", is enough evidence that he is writing to people who clearly despise and look down upon these people. Some democratic voters believe that immigrant labor pulls down the country's economy.

The author's stand is clearly known from the word go. As we look at it again, the heading clearly shouts which side he is on. When he tells us of the article he wrote about which drew a lot of negative response from the audience, he continues to strengthen his argument on which side he is on. He clearly feels that these immigrants should be legalized and be given citizenship and permits to work.

If he were writing to a different group of audience, they would still react in more or less the same way. This is because immigrants are seen as if they have come to take away or occupy what belongs to the original citizens. This has been seen in other countries that have immigrants apart from the United States.

The main point is that these immigrants should be given citizenship and the legal documents that will allow them to work. This is clearly explicit as put across by the author. As mentioned earlier, the author clearly puts across what he wants from the word go. He gives his essay a very strong title that gives no one any difficulty in seeing what he is trying to put across. He tries to support his argument all through out the essay by pointing accusing fingers at those people who despise immigrants and showing that there is no need of doing so and they also have no rights of doing so.

The essay is held together and there is flow in his work. He has given examples of the problems the immigrants face and that there is a way of stopping this turmoil- by giving them the legal documents. As one reads on, it is sometimes seen as if he is writing it at a very personal perspective. It is seen as if he has either been an immigrant or someone close to him has suffered from the consequences of being an immigrant. The author has gone ahead and pointed the parties and people who do not come out clearly about how they feel about this group of people. Some of these people are the politicians and the political parties. This essay can be read by everyone and is clearly understood without much difficulty. The examples that have been cited can be well understood.

However, the author could have tried and given us some explanations according to the citizens' point of view just to try and understand where they are coming from when they despise and sometimes even mistreat the immigrants. Giving us both sides of the story greatly helps readers understand an article more.

The language used is quite clear to every one who understands English and there is no use of slang. The sentences are readable and comprehensible and so they put across the message clearly.

The writer wanted the reader to understand and try to accept these immigrants and also know where they are coming from. he wants to show them that granting them citizenship is not as much as a bad idea because they are human beings too. The author is trying to be their advocate to both the citizens and the government so that they can be considered and be given the legal documentation. Even if he will not make it as an individual, he will have made an impact.


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