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In china a child born out of wedlock plus her mother were seen or termed as outcast. In the book "No Name Woman" the writer seems to be afraid of her aunt because of this sentiment. Her aunt was married to the husband who had left the country years before. It is from his husband been far away that Kingston aunt killed herself because she had a child out of wedlock. According to Hansen, Kingston feared her wife from the fact that everyone including her mother despised her because she was thought to have brought disgrace to her family and therefore it was good if they pretended that she was never born. It is from this experience that Kingston develops a certain fear towards her aunt. Being a teenager, Kingston was afraid to engage in premarital sex and getting a baby out of wedlock because she would have been connected to having brought shame to the entire family.

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Based on Chinese belief, America is portrayed as a place full of corruption and wickedness. The writer refers non Chinese as "ghost" since their culture is one which is termed as oppressive and one that enforces people to learn so as one to be incorporated in. Hansen asserts that, her mother categorizes the ghosts as people who are unacceptable and undesirable within the Chinese culture. They use cars when traveling; they came up with machines that they use for bombing purposes during the world war two. The term "ghost" is used to conceptualize the struggle faced by Chinese citizens dealing with Americanization and choosing what the Chinese tradition expects from her. Clearly the author has tried to effectively emphasize how Chinese women are victimized by their male counterparts based on gender and social codes explain in their tradition.


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