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Dean Meyers is an acclaimed and controversial writer whose work focuses on literature for young African-Americans. His book, Organic Community, is a focus on community development and building. In this book, Dean argues that the community building must be looked at from a value-based point of view. The author argues that community development must be able to help people understand the important things of life. Dean, who has been an enthusiast for developing the young African-Americans’ minds through his literature, looks at the importance of helping the young people to be true to themselves. Organic Community is a book with a new paradigm of the approach through which the development of the community must be done. This book also tries to draw the fine line between community development and community building. Community building must take advantage of the organic nature of the community by recognizing that a community is not made of immortal beings but continuously evolves as the older dies and the younger takes over.

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This book introduces an orthodox approach on how community development should be handled in all settings. While the material presented in the book may be orthodox as well as controversial, it does provide an angle of view that is rarely achieved by many authors. This book is a closer look into the problems facing community development in a community where many social economic problems exist. It is a closer look at the problems facing the young African-American people, who, for being faced with many problems turn to many other ways of facing their frustrations such as substance abuse, violence, and apathy to their problems.

Organic Community by Dean Meyers is a very good introduction to understanding the problems facing the African-American people; and, therefore, this book is a good start for anyone wishing to engage in community development and community building. In examining the reception of Organic Community, it's noteworthy that Dean Meyers' unconventional approach has sparked both acclaim and controversy within literary circles. Critics and scholars have engaged in spirited discussions, acknowledging the book's unorthodox methodology for community development. Some applaud Meyers for providing a fresh perspective on the challenges faced by young African-Americans, while others question the feasibility of his value-based approach.

Furthermore, the impact of Organic Community extends beyond the literary realm. The book has become a focal point for community leaders and educators seeking innovative strategies for addressing socioeconomic problems within African-American communities. Meyers' emphasis on the organic nature of community dynamics has prompted a reevaluation of traditional models for community development and building. Interestingly, Organic Community has inspired a new wave of literature exploring similar themes. Several emerging writers have drawn inspiration from Meyers' work, contributing to an evolving discourse on community engagement, particularly concerning marginalized youth. This ripple effect underscores the book's influence on shaping contemporary conversations surrounding community development.

Moreover, Dean Meyers has actively participated in public forums and discussions, defending his viewpoints and engaging with diverse perspectives on community development. His willingness to address the controversies surrounding his work has added another layer to the ongoing dialogue, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

In practical terms, some community organizations have integrated elements of Meyers' philosophy into their programs, experimenting with value-based initiatives aimed at empowering young African-Americans. This real-world application of Organic Community has led to tangible outcomes in certain communities, further fueling the discourse on the effectiveness of Meyers' approach.

In conclusion, the legacy of Organic Community extends beyond its pages, permeating academic discussions, inspiring new literary works, and influencing on-the-ground approaches to community development. The ongoing discourse surrounding Meyers' ideas demonstrates the lasting impact of his work on shaping perspectives and strategies in the realm of community building.


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