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This novel Valis by Philip K. Dick was published back in 1981 appears to be a semi autographic. Philip K Dick as an American science fiction deals extensively with different religious visions. These were the hallucinations which he himself as the author experienced. This is most prominently explained by the fact Dick suffered from form of epilepsy which makes religious vision a very common symptom. This could have been the reason why the author of this novel Philip K Dick was more concerned with the theory of perception which was very vital in throughout the work of dick as the topic of discussion. There was heavily influence of Gnosticism in Dick’s thoughts of religious theme.

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Thought this book is not a complete cyberpunk it also talks of many cyberpunk themes. This does not make the novel a complete cyberpunk though it talks of these themes which may make appear like one. Valis story has been continued in other two books by the same writer. These are the novels “the Devine Invasion” and “the Owl in the Daylight.” There has been other books which seem to be addressing the same trilogy but by different writers. For example the novel Transmigration of Timothy Archer is seen to have the same issues in the Valis and often regarded to have related themes.

In his novel, Dick uses a pun of a name Horselover as the identity of one of the character. Horselover fat has been used as the character in the novel which is the literal meaning of the name Philip. This means that he uses himself as the character in the novel but uses a different name meaning the same as his name would. One day, one of Horselover female friends approaches him and reveals to him that she wanted to commit suicide. As a friend he tries so much to convince the lady not to kill herself but he fails to succeed in his persuasion. As a result of this girls death Horselover encounters psychological problems later on.

Horselover is started to be seen as a person with divine action later on in the novel. This is because he is hit by a strange point of light getting the vision that one of his friend’s children was sick. After the vision his friend visited the doctor to seek for medical care. The doctor reveals to them that Fats vision was true and as a result the disease would not get cured. This makes Fats and his friends to start to see this as a divine action. These religious visions continue to happen when Fats receives a strange phone call from KGB which is regarded to as a secret service from Russia.

Later on a film is released in the cinemas which contained information which is connected some of the Fats visions. This story is linked to the novel of Philip Dick entitled Radio Free Albemuth. This is a kind of forerunner to the novel Valis with the protagonist is another case of Dicks surrogate as the fact which is viewed in the Valis. This a way used by authors to get information which is not put in black and white by the other author. By writing another novel, authors may get answers to the questions which may be left point blank by the other writer in his work of art.

These are some of the issues which are connected to the issues of artificial science or the commonly regarded to as the artificial intelligence in the satellite known as VALIS. Voluminous Active Living Intelligence System is system created the part of the world mundane. The protagonists live in as the stimulation as well as the stimulation and to a mysterious race of the aliens which is inferred with human secretly with humanity from the time of Akhenaton.

 Some of the aspects in the movie appear to be extremely weird. For instance one of the U.S president was a servant of the devil and as a result of this, Aliens managed it that he lost his political powers. Some of this information has been used by directors of the movie by using it to plot of one of their fiction movies.

Humans have suffered through so much in the novel values. This makes most of most of the people not to believe in this supernatural being God. Though Fats want to convince people that God exists he fails since they have gone through so many sufferings in life. Despite Fats trying so much to find out why people never believe that God do exist, they never seem to agree with him on that.

Dick was married five times and to different women. One of his wives transcribed the sounds he heard him speak into words. This led her to conclusion that he used to speak in Greek whenever he was receiving these divine visions. After a decade dick was found that he could not speak or either write, speak, and read fluent Latin.  To make the matter worse, he could not even think in Latin. This showed he had completely lost the knowledge to the language he used to speak for many years of his life time.

At top of everything, Dick was informed that hi son was suffering from malady which was unnamed. This followed him to seek some medical interventions. The doctors concluded that unless some immediate surgery was done, the child could not survive. After the surgery the son survived and thanked the surgery for the act of saving the life of his son. His brought him to link this attribute of his san being saved to the invention of VALIS. This book can be frustrating at some of the time because it passes a long philosophical passage which is a mismatch of ideas PKD had come across throughout his personal studies.

This book is written in both the first and second person both in the same character. These characters operate simultaneously and even interact with each other at some instances in the story. This is a feature in several PDK stories which one of the increasingly insane Horselover Fat and then his sane ego vanishes at a certain time. This is because he uses himself as the character but in another name ends up being insane.

The theme of trilogy fosters the quest for God. It is through the human suffering that brings the urge for God to intervene and could be get them out of the situations they are in. people have begun to separate because their problems remain unsolved even at the end of them moving away.  The book is an eye opening the nature, which seem to be against human being. It is also an opener to consciousness and divinity in the nature as it is to human beings.

Valis happens to take us through the twisted path of what people believe in, and what they want, what they believe in relation to how they act to their problems. For example it was not the wish of Fats friend to lose his child suffering from a disease which could not be cured.  It also reveals the relationship between madness and the reality as well.

The book has covered the aspect which is found to be the missing person, the missing person in this case is to whom they should seek their intervention to take care of their problems. This is what also brought the aspect of separation in these religious believes.


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