Free Poems by Robert Frost Essay Sample

An analysis of Robert frost’s poems

Here is an analysis paper about two of Robert frosts work – ‘a boundless moment ‘and ‘a considerable spec ‘First of all it must be noted that Robert Frost has always written poems about the rural lifestyle, landscape and the wildlife which are part of nature that one can never avoid thinking about. He is largely considered to be a nature poet. He was highly regarded and respected for his realistic depictions of the rural lifestyles and also his command of American slung or colloquial form of communication. In Virtually all his works, he frequently employed the rural setting of New England. According to Schmidt, Gary .& Sorensen, Henri p.6,Frost had a very creative way of examining the complex philosophical and social themes. A perfect example is his classic poem " A Boundless Moment," In this poem he basically gives readers one of those rare fresh glimpses of artistic and creative beauty that have, over a very period of time ,made him and his poetry very popular. In the poem he basically gives a very interesting view of reality.

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The wistfulness of ‘a boundless moment ‘is part of what I would call his charm. The poem "boundless moment" attempts to give a very mysterious vision of beauty which at the end of the day is nothing but a mere illusion. The flowers that the two gentlemen thought that they have seen were only dead leaves which were clinging to some beech. As a reader, the poem evokes some very emotive feelings in you in an almost similar fashion as it does to the characters found in the poem. When those walking actually recognize the leaves and what they are exactly for what they are, it astounds them and they immediately turn back to the routine of life. Some of the incidents that Frost highlights in the poem basically shows some of the tragic limitations of human beings. It creates the impression that our imaginations cannot manage to sustain the ideal nature’s vision long enough, hence the title "boundless moment" .Our imaginations can only mold nature to its own desires momentarily .There is more to this poem than meets the eye .Other than the hard lessons we get from it, we also get to learn so many other things depending on how one looks at it. For instance the fading of some of the visions we have as human beings may be indeed sad, but on the flipside, the truthfulness that will not take it to be that serious, can actually have something very noble about it. The personas refusal to accept nothing but the truth even in instances where the truth is very disappointing shows the courage of some human beings’ intellect.

According to Frost, Robert & Untermeyer, the unflinching honesty laced with facts is a recurrent theme in most of Frost's rural life and nature poetry. To him, this forms the basis of human beings’ power and also of their spiritual being. Frost attempts to show that Human beings can not find a permanent home in the nature, nor can we as human being s live outside nature. Frost however claims that human beings can assert the truthfulness and reality of their spirit hence have the ability of existing independently of physical world by squarely looking at the realities and nature facts. "A Boundless Moment" basically describes a small natural incident and attempts to give us a good picture with slight hints of sorrow. In the process we get to understand the human beings’ relation to nature.

When it comes to ‘A considerable spec’ Frost manages to give us a glimpse of the consciousness and motivation that makes us –human beings, to get to the brink of being skeptical. Some of the things that Frost attempts to bring to the fore include whether a human being can be some interpretation of their actions .Perhaps one is made to wonder about what makes it too difficult to believe that motivations can arise within an organism devoid of will or mind. Frost highlights the fact that we as human beings have all the ability to think and control ourselves in regard to how we relate to nature. Due to the fact that we are created in a rather wonderful way-with organs that are delicately coordinated and balanced, we must always be in a position to notice and understand the other beings from the outer universe. On the other hand, he seems to suggest that it is very likely that there are other beings that are more evolved than the familiar mankind. Frost winds up the poem with humorous remark that by him having a mind he recognizes other minds on meeting it in whatever guise it may be.

The poet manages to transmit some very insightful thoughts about universal life, the human race and how we have habitually thought of ourselves as the only higher being ever made by God without noticing that we are still evolving.

According to other editors we get to understand that Poetry is simply a living creator and the creator is the poet. The fate or nature of a poem squarely depends on the poet. For instance the insect are used to symbolize the poem’s soul. While putting together his works, Frost sort of feels that poetry itself is not important, at least as a speck. He goes a head to symbolize the mental struggles he experience when writing. Frost goes a head to insinuate that he at times contemplates killing the poetry in him. He, after careful and critical thinking realize that his poetry may not, after all, is important to other people but him. He believes that his poems deserve an eternal life even if it means for his own happiness and pleasure. Frost attempts to demystify the myth that Poetry is ,in most cases, an  ignored genre and is in fact little importance attached too it compared to prose. It is, in his own words, a speck. He believes that poetry is necessary even though always overlooked. Poetry should be a considerable speck.


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