Free Public Sector Ethics Importance Essay Sample

Central Themes and Defining Issues

In “The search for meaning in Government service”, Allex N. Pattakos has outlined the following three core values: creative, experiential and attitudinal. All these values are the basis for being successful and effective public administrator and these issues are also widely discussed by other scholars. To my personal opinion, the most important one is the experiential value. Author has insisted that the ethical approach towards carrying out the duties is the important aspect of behavior for the people, who are employed in the public sector.

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Definition of ethics in the public sector

First of all, it is important to make an emphasis that the ethic in the light of public sector is a broad topic. Generally, ethic is the morality-addressing branch of philosophy. In the public sector, the key purpose of ethic is addressing the main premise of the public administrators to be the "steward" to people. That, in turn, implies the moral justifications of the actions, carried out and the decisions, made by the employees of the non-profit organizations.

Also, it is possible to consider ethics as the standard of accountability which provides the public with a possibility of scrutinizing the activities, carried out by the members of non-profit organizations. In majority of cases these decisions are based on the ethical standards and that, in turn, enables the non-profit organizations employees to act in accordance with the public approach of correctness. That is why applying of the ethical standards allows the public administrators to act not in accordance with the internal set of standards but to take in account the principles, which are inherent to the social group.

The next practical application of the ethical standards for the public administrators implies the creation of more open atmosphere in the governmental organization while correcting their personal lives conduct due to these principles.

Ethical behaviour - key success factor of the public administrators’ activities. The significance of ethics in the Field of PA

In the scopes of this reflective paper it is important to pay additional attention to the fact that the ethical behavior in the public sector is the key success factor of the public administrators’ activities due to the fact that the core concept of their profession implies the collaboration with people and that, in turn, requires meeting the core needs and moral standards of the mass.

Morality and its nature

The morality has got the qualitative and esoteric nature and that is why it is a complicated task to measure its quantitative performance; more than that, in order to understand the meaning of ethical issues and the morality standards for the public administrators, the deep analysis of the theoretical approach towards that issue is required.

According to the historical development of the morality and ethics and their interrelation, it is important to make an emphasis that the ethics is the product of the social morality, which is mainly influenced by the following aspects of the social life: religion, national standards of life, the political approach towards governing of the country, the military situation and the character of the social life etc. That is why, the core requirements of morality and ethics and the product of morality may vary in different historical periods and nations.

Agency of the public administrations, related to the ethical standards

While taking in account the agency of the public administrations, related to the ethical standards and their practical application in the current society, it is possible to say that the core conception of the public administrators’ professional activity and its background implies the collaboration with the mass and that is why people, which are employed in the public administration sector are expected t be the representatives of the social group with the highest ethical standards.

Usually, people oppose the "good" and "right" characteristics of the ethical behavior to the "wrong" or "bad" actions, which violate these standards. The core questions of amoral behavior, which people face while collaborate with the public sector organizations may be represented by eth following examples- whether it is ethically to pay a bribe for being provided with a positive environment for doing business or not; whether it is acceptable, from the ethical point of view, to carry out some personal business activities while being employed in the non-profit organization of the public sector or not etc.

That is why in the case when the violation of the morality principles and legislation takes its place, there is a need of urgent reaction for such actions, punishing the violators of the law and preventing further alike situations.

Conclusion - Personal significance

 Finally, it is important to pay additional attention to the fact that author has stressed that in the nowadays world, which is full of competition and economical approach towards life and its core values, the principles of ethics should be popularized and promoted. That is mainly caused by the increasing demand for the human relations, but not for the “monetary transactions” instead of humanity. Human being is the social being and it is formed by the environment, one inhabits. That is why in order to provide the future generations with the life values, based on morality, people should follow it and the dynamics of the ethical approach towards social life should be determined by the public sector organizations.


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