Free Ropes Section 3 Essay Sample

The author of the book "the ropes to skip and the ropes to know" covers a wide section about what affects our community.  He talks about some of the organizational behaviors that we should practice as they are very vital in our today lives. He focuses on the behaviors that we should apply when it comes to work places, for instance, the way we relate with the other workers. He goes further and brings out clearly what affects our social community, in this case the way we are living, the way we relate and conduct ourselves with others among others.

In section three a lot has developed here. For instance, in the case where there is tension among the black and the white activists during the civil rights movement. Insecurity was at high stake here. The blacks were seen as inferiors and that's why they were forced into slavery. They were treated so ruthlessly with the whites. They did all the donkey work and faced al lot of discrimination. This civil rights movement was aimed to help them stop this discrimination and it was also meant to make them get treated equally with the other whites. This reveals that the blacks faced a lot of social inequality when it came to race. But due to the presence of some groups which had formed themselves, acting as liberals, the latter were able to fight inequality in order to improve the conditions in the nation.

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These racial tensions led to the aspect of sexual tension whereby there were no interracial sexual relationships among the blacks and the whites. This was thus seen as a taboo. The author tries to clearly bring out what has been happening for over fifty years ago. The aspect of tension is what we see up to date. It is not necessarily the tensions between the blacks and the whites but also the tension amongst us, amongst our communities, the racial tensions. This went a step ahead to affect even the politics of a nation. This was mainly between the white politicians and the black activist who were fighting for their rights. This came as a result of what has been happening in the past. Up to date the black and the whites rarely come to terms and this is also due to what has been happening many years ago.

Assassination also comes out clearly. The author talks about the killing of President Abraham Lincoln.  Due to his superiority as a president, Abraham created many enemies who have always planned to take him from his position through assassination. Some of his well known haters were people who pretended to be externally good but internally had malicious plans of taking Abrahams life. Among the greatest planners of Abrahams assassination was booth, who was his right hand man. He was not happy with the dictatorial leadership in Washington and that's why he wanted to eliminate the president because he felt he was better off to rule the country with democracy unlike Abraham. We learn that booth was to capture the president in a certain press conference where he was expected to give a speech but he changed his mind a few seconds to the hour of speech. That was one instance where booth was planning to take advantage and capture the president and eventually assassinate him.

Another instance involved booth and his partners where they were to snipe the president in a certain conference where he was giving speech but this plan also failed. The last attempt was successful where we learn that the president was to attend a certain function in Ford's theatre, Washington. On this day, the president's bodyguard had slightly gone away from his spot so booth took advantage and shot Abraham on his head. He went on and stabbed the bodyguard to death. The author clearly brings out what has been affecting our nations over the past years. Greed of power also comes as a result of this. In this case we find there are those leaders who are not satisfied with their normal positions and this makes them do unnecessary malicious things in order to displace those in high positions from their stability. Jealous and pretense also comes out clearly.  The author is very specific with the whole lot of people who were after Abraham's life just for the greed of power. We learn of the presidents right hand men who pretended to be by him but on the other hand they were on a mission of displacing him from his position. I feel that we should forgo such evil vices and live together in peace and love as one community regardless of race, culture and color.


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