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Destruction is the act or process of destroying; demolition or slaughter, while war on the other hand is a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air. Destructions of war can therefore be described as those events that have been caused by conflicts of big nations.Over time the world at large has had its fare share of wars one being the first and the second world wars. This wars have had a number of effects on many nations and on the lives of individuals.Many properties have been destroyed lives  have been lost, even though some individuals recoverd not all recovered from the effects of this wars . Kurt Vonnegut's  "Slaughter house five" is a critism of  war and how it leads to the destruction of many lives, properties and mental conditions of individuals .
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In the book the  war caused many people to loose  there lives. the main character Billy pilgrim though born as a weak young man is still drafted into the army with minimal training and is send to europe.because of this his study of optometry is disrupted .Due to his friend,s Roland Wearyexperience the lives of his crew are lost.Weary also looses his life from gangrene.During his stay in the Prisoners of war camps many of the captured solders die  from the wounds that they got while fighting some are killed for minor mistakes by those soldiers.The war also causes mass mudder of people ecspecially when a city is bombed "No one expects Dresden to be bombed. But in the span of one night in February of 1945, Dresden is bombed until almost nothing is left. 130,000 people die."Given the number of lives lost through the whole war from the book one can only conclude that indeed a great number of lives had been lost.The phrase"So it goes" is used after each death and it has been used a great number of times all through the book.

The war  greatly changes many peoples lives.  After and during the war  many former soldiers are affected mentally .In the book Billy's existence has been urtally disrupted . He becomes mentally challenged.From the book he"has come unstuck in time. He claims to have been kidnapped by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore. He claims that this Tralfamadorians exist in the fourth dimension, and consequently they have a completely different view of time. For them, all moments happen simultaneously and always.This enables him to move to different times of his life, his good and bad times  It seems that Billy may be hallucinating about his experiences with the Tralfamadorians as a way to escape a world destroyed by the  war a world that he cannot understand. Furthermore, the Tralfamadorian theory of the fourth dimension seems too convenient a device to be more than just a way for Billy to rationalize all the death with he has seen face-to-face. Billy, then, is a traumatized man who cannot come to terms with the destructiveness of war without invoking a far-fetched and impossible theory to which he can shape the world.His mental health has indeed been affected by the war.

War also causes great loss to property. Many industries, homes, hospital roads  and buildings lie destroyed.From the book cities like  the  german  city of  Dresden  was  bombed .Every thing was destroyed in the process and lots of lives were lost too. The thoughts of what happened in this city greatly affect Billy and in future he keeps thinking about the destruction he witnessed there.

Kurt Vonnegut succeds in showing that war causes destruction to properties ,lives and the mental conditions ecspecially those of former soldiers.He shows how many people were killed in the war and how cities got destroyed in the process The main character Billy who is a former soldier ends up mentally unbalanced.


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