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Chapter 22 shows how Mr. Elliot puts a lot of effort in entertaining Anne but in vain. He decides to go away from Bath briefly and was to return later. The next morning there is a surprise visit by Mary and Charles. Anne is for the opinion that having parents who care for the happiness of their children is a nice idea.
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In chapter 23, the events in the party are drawn. Anne has attended the party and she engages in a discussion on love issues. Ann asserts positive values to women as compared to their male counterparts. To her, women love longest and their love is constant. Captain Wentworth expresses his feelings for her which overcomes her. She decided to leave. They both expressed their feelings for each other. Captain Wentworth is possessed with the idea of marrying Anne.

Chapter 24 summarizes the ideas of the narrator of persuasion. Anne and Wentworth declare their commitment to each other. Most of the people do not reject except Lady Russell who though initially was upset agreed later.

Throughout this chapter's deception as a theme is greatly depicted. Anne has discovered the main reason behind Mr. Elliot's great concern for her family. She has also found out the real character of Elliot after visiting Mrs. Smith in Bath. Social justice acts for Mrs. Smith are destroying the plans for the rich Elliot.

The setting follow Anne's movement from the time she got married to Mr. Elliot and rejected the proposal of the penniless Wentworth to the time when they are in Bath and she regrets the decision she made at that time. She says that she is willing to marry Wentworth and they announce their engagement.

My opinion for Anne has changed. When she was engaging in a discussion during the party she talked positively about the women as having the ability to love. At the beginning of the novel she was not willing to love Wentworth because he was not rich. After the fortune she is jealous of her cousin being married by Wentworth who is now rich. My opinion for Anne was that she was willing to love regardless of the wealth that the person has, this has changed as it is shown that Anne considers what can be referred to as social order in the society, her family has a role in determining her marriage partner.


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