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Ingerborg Bachman uses several archaeological metaphors in his book ‘The Book of Franza’ to bring out his theme. He talks about the ancient Egypt myths and practices and tells a story of a lady known as Franza who is assaulted to death by a man at the Egyptian Pyramids. The pyramids are used as metaphors to represent the dialect of cultural accomplishment. This is because the pyramids were built by men to primarily glorify them. Bachman also uses these pyramids as a metaphor for colonialism. He uses them to emphasize this theme of colonialism as the ‘white’ men who steal the graves. The white men colonise the sacred space of the pyramids which housed the tombs all in the name of science and ding research. The tombs are thus dug out and distorted in the name of ‘knowledge’. Franza’s brother Martin uses the metaphor ‘Fossil’ to refer to Leo Jordan, Franza’s 10 year husband. He calls him this because of the way he has been persistent in causing her troubles up until her death. Dr. Jordan’s lab coat is also used by the writer as a metaphor to represent the other male scientists who oppress Franza.

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These metaphors used by the author in his book are significant in the psychoanalysis of the book. They portray how oppression of an individual can lead them to eventually cause harm to themselves because of the persistence of the pain. Franza initially takes in all the oppression from her husband and the other white coat doctors. However, this turns in to a psychological terror on her and eventually she cannot take it anymore, she ends up banging her head on the wall and eventually dies. According to Bachmann, the white colonists came into the third world and took over the possessions and the control in an oppressing way. He uses this short story to show how this affected the original inhabitants by giving an example of Franza. Psychology war is worse than physical war.


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