Free The Case for Single-Children Essay Sample

The case for single children was written by Bill McKibben who is an environmentalist, a writer and a Sunday school superintendent, active member of Methodist church. The case integrates the issue of population, environment and human behavior. He makes critiques on our ignorance to other creatures and ourselves and tries to make an understanding of how we should get involved of conserving the environment. This is achieved by opening our eyes on the facts about the era we are living.

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The writer is inclined to a carelessness and self mindedness of people. He describes people as individualistic, selfish and careless.  He supports his description to a number of personalities who have ignored the need to have children for personal benefits. He is concerned with the effect of our actions to the environment and planet. He encourages on responsible living i.e. taking care of others and having environment in mind. Maturity comes with responsibility, the ability to attend to others whether your children(s) or the less fortunate.

The author presents evidence and examples of people in different areas and their actions which justify his critiques. Apart from filling the earth, all other responsibilities delegated to human beings by God are forgotten. He provides reasons like for career purposes, not ready to be tied up and fear of divided attention as probable reasons why people don't have children. He is also a father of one and explains what it costs him to have a daughter. He is an environmentalist who has analyzed on the effects of people to the environment. He compares the population growth and tries to provide a pro-forma number of how population will be in the future.


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