Free The Colonel by Carolyn Forche Essay Sample

I want to start with the quote from "The Colonel" - "The moon swung bare on its black cord over the house" It seems to me that moon symbolizes the soul of the Colonel, hanging by a thread and this soul could never rest in peace.

After reading the poem we easily can conclude that in terms of persuasion, the colonel is not stable. I wonder how he could become the one, narrator tells us about, the one that can bring a package of human ears to his guests and spill them on the table, on which they have just finished their supper. The colonel has to make a lot of difficult decisions every day. As far as I understand, he is a military dictator and de facto is fighting against his own people. His only purpose is to keep power in his hands, and as for him this aim justifies any effective methods. I wish to quote him – as for the rights of anyone, tell your people, they can go fuck them-selves». It seems to me that here the colonel is talking about human rights violation of which has happened due to his orders.

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Forming of convictions and beliefs of the specific individual is a long and complex process with many dimensions influencing on its outcome. What about colonel’s approach to persuasion? What circumstances affected on him? I think that he has passed through many hard life choices and that he saw and did a lot of violence against other people. Onore De Balzac once said “behind each great fortune is a great crime”. In order to get and what is more important to keep the authority the colonel has shed a lot of innocent blood. He is enjoying the power now. But the price, that he had to pay for this is his own mind.

The example of the colonel shows that almost anything that has been done by us during our lives reflects somehow in our head. In fact our life experience is the designer that forms our persuasion, which predetermines in some way our decisions in particular situations. Offender, that has committed violent crimes and somehow could avoid justice wont escape from his inner judge, called conscience. Crimes, he has committed will affect on his mental health, transforming his personality. Maybe it could not be seen by unarmed eye, but it will appear in something like collecting human ears, as the colonel did.

So that I daresay that the by-product of colonel’s approach to  persuasion is the loss of humanity and rising a monster in his mind, that needs violence and cruelty to feel alive, and day after day this monster pushes out anything humane that has left inside the colonel, leaving nothing but emptiness, that is filling by collecting human ears.

I wonder what usually happens to dictators in the end

As far as I understand dictator is a ruler who assumes sole and absolute power in particular country. So what are the last years of dictators? How do they feel when the end is near? Well, it depends on circumstances that take place at the ending of dictatorship, which can be ended in two different ways. First way is the death of dictator which means the end of his regime. In this case we can define “the end of dictator” as a period of his five years for instance.

In social choice theory dictators are divided on two types – strong and weak dictator

Strong dictator can be seen as having absolute explicit power and weak is rather a sly fox. The weak dictator might actually be lurking in the shadows, manipulating the political scene for his own aims. I wish to talk about the strong one. It seems to me that during his last years the dictator will be feeling a huge pressure of the power that he has, but he won’t familiarize himself with anything but the state he governs. Maybe he would even associate himself with god. As for me – in some way it can be called a happy end for dictator. Next scenario of the ending of dictatorship is revolution or any legal way to dismiss the dictator. In this situation the ending of dictator won’t be pleasant. He could be killed or obligated to stand in court for his crimes.

In conclusion I want to say that dictator is allowed to do actually everything that he desires

Cult of personality is often created to strengthen the propaganda. The only thing that is not available for this person is avoiding death. Many dictators tried to deceive it, but none of them could. So, what happens to dictators in the end? They die.


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