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The book "in our defense: The bill of rights in action" is written by Caroline Kennedy and Ellen Alderman, Alderman E. and Kennedy C, 2003 pp 67. The interview shows that this book shows the different society that America has evolved to become. This book uses stories that indicate different types of people have been using the bill of rights for their personal defense. The book shows how the rights found in the bills of rights found in the human nature and not in written form. The current cases about how judicial system is in action in trying to shape the meaning of the first ten amendments to the US constitution is in this book. In every constitution amendment, the author has selected a criminal case and discussed it in relation to the amendments done. All the cases discussed concerning the constitution amendment are those that are thought provoking. The topics in this book include the right to keep bear arms, defendants' rights and freedom of speech rights.  

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"In our defense: The bill of rights in action" is a very interesting book for those interested in political issues. The book tries to inform people that the bill of rights is not just a legal document but it is a guideline that made by people who did not have an idea of how the American nation was to look like some centuries later. More so, the book helps people to think more about the bill of rights and their use in daily situations.

The bill of rights shield the people from the government and the book includes various rights entrusted to the people charged with criminal offences. In cases of child molestation, the right to confront the witness declares the trial unacceptable. There are several instances where this book shows that the bill of rights served the final defense in a couple charged with communalism all through the McCarthy period. 

The concepts about the US constitution amendments are simpler in this book through useful explanations provided in this book. the book gives great details about the US ten amendments of the constitution together with a case study for each amendment showing how the bill of rights are interpreted, how they are restricted and how the rule changes over time. The book also gives readers a basic grounding of all the principles of the constitution. "In our defense: The bill of rights in action" gives a picture of the bill of rights in action. In the first amendment act of the US constitution, there are cases about the freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly. These cases show the interpretation of the laws of the US constitution, changes that have occurred to them and how our rights are restricted. Each of the cases given in this book describes parts of the various amendments. The cases used are examples of the decisions made by the judiciary to help people define the US laws.

This book also explains the processes that bring challenges and the decisions based on the US bill of rights. It does this through the various explanations offered in the first ten amendments of the US constitution.


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