Free The Grimke Sisters Essay Sample

These were two sisters from South Carolina. The elder one was Sarah and the younger one Angelina. They grew up in a family where slavery abode as was with the rest of the south. Their father was a prominent judge in the state. He was a strong advocate of slavery. He was also a women rights suppressant. The two grew together and they were not just sisters, but great friends.

Due to their childhood experiences, the two grew to be prominent abolitionists. They were also social activists who fought particularly for women rights. They achieved milestones rarely accomplished by women in that era. They strived for equality irrespective of gender or race. The sisters did not seek for preferential treatment of any group . They held very different views to those of fellow women. These views were based on different aspects on life.

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They just sought for equality among humanity. They believed nature was meant to enhance equality. Having grown in the slavery prone south, they witnessed slaves being subjected to inhumane treatments. This enabled them to have a closer examination of nature. They based their views of nature on the creation story. Both had slightly varying interpretations of the creation story. However, both were of the view of equality in nature. Angelina’s interpretation of the story was that of equality between sexes. She was of the view that a woman was as intelligent and capable just like a man was.     

Sarah’s interpretation of the story seeks to implicate both Adam and Eve on fall to sins. She claims that Adam had the responsibility to save the two from sins. She was of the view nature favored men right from creation. This is because Eve was solely blamed for the fall to sin. This was despite Adams responsibility to stop Eve falling from the serpent’s trap.


The Grimkey sisters were very religious. They hailed from a very religious family background. They attended services every Sunday. They also taught the bible to slave children. Sarah was of the view of equality in religion. She did not see a reason why slaves were not allowed to read the bible for themselves. She faced the wrath of her father when she was caught teaching a slave how to read. She wanted the slaves to read the bible first hand. She reasoned that not all translations enhanced equality.

Translations were manipulated to serve peoples interests. From her interpretations of the bible, she was of the view that women were equal to men and were bound to God and not man. To enhance their view on equality in religion, Angelina inferred that before Christ, male and female are equal. In addition, the Quaker religion, which they joined as adults, strived for equality between races. It viewed slavery as evil and against the will of God.  The sisters were of the view of equality even in religion.


Their view of the universe was that of a place where inequality was rampant. Slavery was exercised and slaves were treated as lesser beings. Women were viewed as inferior to men. Slaves were not allowed to read even the bible. Women were not supposed to speak of sensitive issues. They were also not allowed access to higher education . Slaves were subject to their masters while women were supposed to serve men. Ladies were just subordinates and they had no rights. They had no right to vote or even hold positions in churches. Their abolitionist quest though developed during childhood, sought to create equality in the universe. They viewed the universe as an unjust place in dire need of equality.


The Grimkey abolitionist’s efforts started from a tender age. It took time for their reasoning and views to be accepted. They viewed time as an important asset to equality. Time enhanced their understanding of the situation. Time helped them encounter different life situations. With these, they were able to identify the various equality shortcomings. It is also with time that they were able to meet other activists. Because of this, they were able to perfect their liberation mechanisms. They were of the view that time is vital in achieving equality in humanity.


All the inequalities, which the Grimkey sisters were combating, were meted out on humans to fellow humans. The sisters viewed humanity as the main perpetrators of inequality . They viewed them as unjust lot. Humanity enhanced inequality through race as well as gender. In their attempts to enlighten people on women rights, even fellow women opposed their efforts . They viewed them, as revolutionists who were ought to break laws. Even the Quakers, who were against slavery, were not in support of women speaking openly against slavery . This showed that humanity was still rooted in inequality. Their view of humanity was that of unjust lot bent on clinging on inequality. They made concerted efforts to change humanity on their view of equality.


They saw the people’s belief in fate as one of the reasons for inequality in society. People believed fate was the cause of their sufferings. They did not belief that their predicaments could be changed. This was evident with women. They were resigned to the fate that they were inferior to men. They were against fellow women who took a course to be a preserve for men. The Grimkey sisters viewed fate as an unfortunate belief that fostered inequality in the society. They sought to change the people’s perception that fate was the cause of their predicaments .


They viewed the law as the main perpetrator of inequality. Laws were formulated in a way they favored some groups over the others. Slaves were not allowed to learn how to read. They were also not allowed to read the bible firsthand. Women were prohibited from proceeding to secondary schools. They were also forbidden to speak on sensitive matters. The law was formulated in a way that it stifled equality. Their attempts were aimed at changing the law and its perception on equality.


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