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The Sun Also Rises novel is a beautifully and an educational novel which was written by Ernest Hemingway. In this book, Hemingway has fictionally brought out the facts of the characters of the lost generation to the surface. The lost generation is considered as the individuals who endured the WW1 with a lot of optimism, love, romanticism and hope when they were involved in the war. Barnes, who is the main character, is portrayed as having numerous problems which have made him resort to living his own way of life. Alongside Barnes, other characters who are portrayed in this novel are Lady Ashley Brett and Robert Cohn. Although it is hard to figure out the true pictures of the characters in the novel, their individual characteristics are portrayed with a deeper analysis. Although from the outlook the reader may consider the characters of the novel enjoying partying and drinking, so much is to be realized about them. After reading the novel, I realized for real that it was a wonderful and yet an educative prose for the lost generation. While portraying the aftermath and effects of the WW1 on its subjects, this novel uses behaviours such as being spiritually sterile, bankruptcy, sexual desires and fleeting desires of alcohol as discomforts to portray the impact of the war. 
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The Sun Also Rises novel is a unique series that I consider one of its own kind since it's so rare to find books which portray characters and their behaviours after WW1. It's a brilliant novel from the entertainment as well as good for academicians. Like all other books which portray war and  warlike characters, the novel beings about hard hitting questions which can only be answered by those who can understand the impact of the WW1. As may be portrayed clearly from the characters, their behaviour indicates an aspect of the lost generation. Jake Barnes, who is the main character, talks about the mistrust which can be created by people who have ever been in difficult situations. This is a common characteristic which became common among the lost generation. From a thorough analysis, it is clear that Barnes faced a series of mental and physical wounds during the war. This analysis indicates the series of problems that the lost generation faced as well as the optimism and innocence which seemed inescapable. I consider the portrayal of the lost generation an aspect connoting the pure life that we live as human beings. It is true that human beings would resort to activities such as drinking, and sex so as to health psychological, mental and physical wounds.

Although the characteristics of the lost generation may be considered as inappropriate and unacceptable in the society, I strongly refute this idea because the effects of the WW1 must have been diverse. Although it seems difficult for the lost generation to communicate about issues that seriously affect them and consequently form long lasting relationships, these characters try to communicate with their actions. In fact, lack of communication and inability to form long lasting relationships is one of the themes of the novel. There is lack of true connection of the characters, but in reality these characters have a lot to share. The insecurities of men because of war is another theme that comes out clearly in the novel. Although the portrayal of the lost generation is seen as negative in the society, the encounter with non veterans like Cohn, indicates that there is general fear of war by the general population. Cohn is considered unwelcome in the meeting of the veterans because he is seen as independent of the others. Ernest Hemingway in his novel has portrayed the lost generation in a vivid yet a hidden manner. Indeed the legends of the WW1 can be recognized through their actions which they portray in the novel. I considered the novel successful in establishing the hard life that the lost generation went through. The novel portrays the lack of direction and disillusionment of the war aftermath. Through the use of motifs and themes, Hemingway has accomplished his portrayal of the lost generation. Although there is no trace of apprehension in the novel, the novel would best suit those who have a genuine interest in history and especially history of the First World War.


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