Free The Potlatch Ceremonies Essay Sample

Donald L. (2007). Aboriginal slavery on the Northwest Coast of North America. California: UCP.

In this text, Donald takes time to examine various aspects of the potlatch ceremonies and their role in cultural and social integration of the aborigines' societies. The work shall be of great relevance in the understanding of this complex social issue, its roles among the practicing society as well as the norms that this practice inculcated to those who observed it.

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Olson D. (2008).  Frommer's British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

This work examines various cultural aspects of communities in the British Columbia. The aborigines' culture being an outstanding one in this society, the author has given it some considerable coverage. The practice of potlatch which has been given preeminence is well explained and how the ceremony was seen by outsiders as a wrong phenomenon motivated the use of this work in the completion of this paper.

Aderkas E. and Hook C. (2005).  American Indians of the Pacific Northwest. New York: Osprey Publishing.

This work is more or less a cultural cover of the identified community. The work covers the various ceremonies that are performed by this group of people. The work by Aderkas and Hook shall be of great relevance in the accomplishment of this paper as it sheds light to various aspects of the identified group's culture.

Bracken C. (2003).  The potlatch papers: a colonial case history. Chicago: UCP.

In this work, Bracken, covers various cultural aspects of the aborigines of British Columbia and examines their cultural practices. He also covers various issues that led to the conflict of the aborigines' cultures with the main stream cultures, with the views of the colonial group and the way this group viewed the later group being given preeminence. This work shall prove useful in the process of accomplishing this paper as it provides insights as to why these potlatch ceremonies were banned by mainstream cultures.

McKee C. (2000). Treaty talks in British Columbia: negotiating a mutually beneficial future. Washington: UBC Press.

The work by McKee examines the desired future of the region, a fact that acted as a major contributor to the banning of the potlatch ceremonies. The work explains that the potlatch ceremony was seen as a major stumbling block towards the civilization of the aborigines and thus outlawing it would motivate the civilization efforts that would have seen the Indians convert into Christianity and at the same time, abandon their styles of living that were largely seen as uncivilized.


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