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The author of the book, "the ropes to skip and the ropes to know" touches on a lot that we human beings pass through in lives today. He mainly focuses on the organizational behaviors that we ought to have once we are employed in organizations. This is regardless the size of the organization, whether big or small we have to practice the organizational courtesies as this may foster smooth relationship between the employers and the employees.

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In chapter one of the book, we are able to learn about Stanley who seems to be a new employee in a certain company where he has worked with it for about a year. After his transfer to New York he meets a man in a picnic where they sit down for a conversation.  Stanley goes on and boasts to this man of his recent work performance and about his new title in the company. They later finish their conversation and part ways. Little did Stanley know that he was talking to the head executive of that company where he has recently been employed to.

This clearly brings out the aspect of social perception. Stanley never took his time to learn who he was addressing. He was in a rush of boasting of his new job and how he had contributed to uplift the company's success to that man who happens to be Mr. Marsh. He was so outspoken but the calm and relaxed Mr. Marsh played a fool to listen to Stanley. Stanley had forgotten that the picnic was a company thing but not an individual thing. Such organizational behaviors may lead one to losing his job. For instance, the case of Stanley and how he responded to Mr. Marsh. In our normal work places, we come across such instances. So we should try our best to avoid such incidences by conducting ourselves in the right manner. The aspect of pride also comes under this. For instance, in the case where e Stanley asks Mr. Marsh if he has the knowledge about the expandrium process sing line they were installing in Portland.

According to my case, few years ago in an interview the panel of interviewees  asked me  if I spoke any languages, very excited I responded that I did, and when I have always seen this as an asset, it was not in this case. Even though, I meet all the requirements as stated by the job announcement, my interviewer stated, in so many words, that by having an accent in this area of consideration it was a disadvantage for me. Thus in this case, the social perception here was due to one trait, my accent.

In another chapter, gender inequality is clearly brought out. In this case we are able to learn about the story of Lisa Weber who has got what it takes to be a partner to the CEO of the company where she is employed. But this does not work as she expects. Her CEO, Michael Breyer feels that women are inferior and they cannot stand on the same levels with the women. He also feels that they are not able to make the right executive decisions that a company may require for its prosperity. Even though Lisa has all the paper work and the required skills, Michael still fells that she cannot fit there. The first thing that Michael should have done is to respect the woman and understand that they are workmates even though not of the same level. Moreover he should have put her into test by making her be among the partners. By doing this, Michael would be able to evaluate the level of skills Lisa has.

This has contributed to the theme of ignorance and it is effective as we are able to see Michael's behavior being so negative. This is contrary to the behaviors of the other members in the senior levels who valued Lisa very much. In our today living all these things do happen and the best way to solve them is by practicing the organizational morals. This will help reduce such vices within organization and will also facilitate gender equality among workers.


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