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Maxine Hong Kingston is the author of the award winning, 'the Woman Warrior, memoirs of girlhood Among Ghosts, just to mention a few. Her book, The Woman Warrior, was published in 1976 and became famous to its combination of autobiography and fiction.

The book addresses the issue of racial discrimination and gender inequality. It should however be noted that much emphasis has been laid on addressing women issues in the United states and so called 'old' China. Long ago, women were discriminated against on issues such as employments. They were considered as people of the weaker sex and could not handle the stipulated tasks as men did. Further, many women were victims of domestic violence. They could be seriously beaten up by their so called husbands whenever they were wrong. Married women were considered as having no rights but were the subjects to their husbands. Whatever the husband proposed, it was mandatory for her wife to follow without arguing it out.

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Inequality and domestic violence are among the vital issues to both the oppressor and the oppressed which are not always simple. To the oppressor, one might be impressed and very comfortable with his oppressive deeds. Disadvantage is however to the oppressed group. Usually, women happiness and wellbeing are in most instances compromised due to gender discrimination. These difficulties exposed to women therefore propelled various authors like Kingston and sanders to write materials addressing the issue. The two named authors had one thing in common; advocacy for women to have a choice and agency. In essence, their main objective was to let women be granted freedom because just like any other person, they could make decisions on their own.

Despite all the efforts of addressing inequality and gender discrimination, there are always setbacks. Some people belief firmly in their traditions such that nothing can make them change their minds. This mentality has always been a major setback while addressing such important issues. This setback can however be dealt with through educating the public.


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