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V for vendetta is a comic book that is present in the future imagined Britain. The book focuses on a revolutionary who is masked and is calling himself as V and is doing all that is possible in the destruction of the totalitarian rulers with a profound effect on the people he is encountering. Most of the Britain near future is depicted in the series after the end of the nuclear war which has left virtually everything destroyed. It has focused of the termination of a fascist’s opponents in concentration camps ruling the state as a police state. This leads to V an anarchist revolutionist to start an elaborate, violent and international campaign of murdering his former captors, thus bringing the government down making the people rule themselves.

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The series has transcended the norm of comedy of superficial actions of a story, but has included a variety of concerns which the power of demonstrating the conflicts that existed between the fascists, totalitarianism and anarchy and the significance of the human actions in the development of identities. Evey plays a crucial role in the series as she is depicted as being a desperate girl who is rescued by V who is drawn to his world and fights. The series of adventures as there is the notable investigator that does untangle the past and the intentions of V, as this story focuses on oppression and the art of fighting. The character of V is not acceptable by this fascist government because of his ambiguous status. Thus, he can not be said to be a hero or antihero as more of his efforts are focused on revenge which are mixed with anarchism. The falling of the world in Britain and they are scared with insecurity, thus  they are soughing refuge in racism and the homophobia and this has lead to the people give in to the fascists’ rules that only proved the illusions of security and control.

The rule is extremely intrusive to the wellbeing of the population as it uses every means to in the surveillance, as its control is based on a computer that is being used as a symbol of the reliable central control. This leads to V blowing of the parliament writing his initials with firework and with his secret lair depicts the suppression of the people’s subconsciousness. This is the representation of the lucking danger, resistance, independence and comfort with disorders of which the country is fleeing.

This depicts the atrocities that were committed by the Nazi of killing people through lethal injections in the concentration camps. This section of parliament blowing shows how V meets three figures and he had to execute them because of their participation in committing atrocities in a concentration camp. The diary that is discovered by Finch has the revelation of the victims of the concentration camps where V was a victim of medical experiment and because he is the remaining survivor of the camp his decision is the elimination of the camp officers.

Evey is the centre of the story who is in desperate need of money by selling herself as a prostitute and it happens she is rescued from the atrocities that are committed by the government of rape and murder by V. This undercover finger policeman has the representation of the SS detectives of the Nazi regime. She is serving as a foil and audience for musing V and later an assistant who is later challenging the views of her anarchist of the moral lines that he has chosen.

Evey later is separated from V to return to her life through a temporal refuge and this is where she has discovered how the world is filth, thus leading to the section where she learns that the defiance root of V, and the dignity core and defiance within herself. The moral ambiguity of V and the simultaneous steps that are beyond that it is the person outside the social order that has the capability to teach. V is fighting to change the circumstance of his country through violence as the government does not care for the basic freedom and protection of the people. The illusions are the factor that depicts the relationship of V with the government which is a constitution of thugs. It shows V to be a character  who operates in the world of illusions.

V is depicted to be a freedom fighter that is using his terrorist tactics of attacking the fascist government while he is in pursuit of his own vendetta, but he wants to force an all change to the social political structure of the government. He has the notion that the government is supposed to fear its people, and not the people to fear their government. This depicts the totalitarian rule that was being used by the Nazi regime. V is a freedom fighter even though he is considered to be a terrorist by the government as he has underlined that the truth is that something is wrong with the government which has no freedom to object.

The series shows that the government has been coercing people to conform to it and, thus the blame should be placed upon the people as they are the ones giving in to the conformity of this totalitarian regime. This has led to people being afraid and, thus giving room for terror and diseases to rob them of their senses, which have allowed the creation of monsters. The hopes of this monster are that people will suffer a collective form of amnesia, and that is the reason V is reminding them of the past atrocities. He sees that people forgot of fairness, justice and freedom. V in his revolution agenda made Evey be arrested as the police thought that there was a connection that existed between her and V, this had the effect to the police of using much of their efforts toward the integration of Evey of which this was to slow his relation to the police and continue with his campaign of fighting the government.

In the conclusion, of the political maneuvering and the exploration of vulnerability is seen as having some loopholes. Finch has to travel to the former concentration camp as he remembered his past through hallucination, of which his lover was taken to the concentration camp due to the fact that she was from another race. This makes him acting like a freed camp prisoner so that he can gain the intuitive understanding of V, but it is only V that let finch shoot him and he returns to the shadow gallery where he dies in the arms of Evey who does not at any time reveal the true identity of V.

The destruction of the government led Evey to announce to the crowd asking them to choose what was coming next. The people have to live their own lives or else they will return to chains. The Viking funeral of V depicts that he had managed to destroy the totalitarian regime as he was buried with explosions in an underground train. This is highly contextual in the illusions of V as the illuminate the characters profiles with pervasive symbols that are used to bring out the themes in the series of Vendetta. There is a tendency of V leaving a rose to all of his victims as it plays the role of the coronation street of which the members were the self proclaimed moral voices.

Thus, the symbol of the rose has been trying to denote the murders as having higher sense of justifying the moral purpose. This was a representation of the justification of violence to be ethical and for a higher purpose. The symbol V which is most of the time not used is the symbol of anarchy it has the expression of the theme in the whole series of Vendetta through the modification of its iconic visual symbol. The dressing of V is of the proclamation of his intended rebellion against this fascist government with the underlying symbolism that the government has the responsibility and purpose to work for its people and not the combating of the people’s public interests, it depicts one own moral beliefs.


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