Free Waiting for Lightning to Strike Essay Sample

Kevin Alexander Gray is a civil organizer in South Carolina. He has discussed numerous contemporary issues touching on various issues of African-Americans and their pursuit to gain power in the states that contain a high populace of Americans. Gray, a renowned writer is most popular for among his works, "Waiting for Lightning to Strike"  

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The book, "Waiting for Lightning to Strike' talks about various issues on how gender roles impacted Black families. In this book, Gray addresses various issues that come along with the black politics. Initially, black politicians were criticized all over the world including their won fellow black men. They were dismissed as being inferior to the whites and hence they could not carry out the role of administration in a professional way. However, the perception took a different turn when Barrack Obama, an African-American became the first African-American of the United States of America. Obama despite the many critics he had ion his journey to state house, he beat the white counterparts

The African-American politicians have also been regarded as seeking equal opportunities with the natives in their own state. However, these allegations have not put the Blacks down in their political race to claim some of the most coveted seats in the political arena. More heated debates have arises in regard to the care that the Black men offer to their families. Many whites still feel that the black men are not responsible when it comes to issues of family matters. They have been referred to be missing in action (M.I.A) from their responsibilities. The black men have been termed as being irresponsible in bringing up their kids as compared to the white men or other men from different races. This perception has therefore led to political discrimination whereby the white citizens feel that a black man cannot be mandated to rule a particular group since he is irresponsible right from the grassroots which is his family. This allegations have however been dismissed with the election of Barrack Obama as the president of the United States of America. Moreover, quite a large number of whites still feel that Obama was able to attain the top political seat due to his mixed race of African and American parents.

Many Black parents have encountered various situations where they have been referred to us "niggers." This phrase has for a long time created an environment of racism and discrimination. In various occurrences, this phrase has been used in the presence of little kids. The parents have therefore taken the responsibility of telling their children the real meaning of the discriminatory phrase "nigger." Consequently, the kids have grown up into adults with the hatred they experienced from the whites since they were young. Nevertheless, they believe in themselves and in a position to fight for civic freedom and enjoy the same privileges as those enjoyed by the people of the white race.

In conclusion, the black families have revolutionized to attain the same living standards and enjoy the same freedom as those enjoyed by the whites. the attainment of freedom and self reliance has been made possible by the self-believe and the cordial relationship among the blacks towards supporting each other not forgetting the intermarriages between the blacks and the whites forming mixed race tat is not biased on neither side.


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