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In "American Invasion of Macun", Santiago gives an account of his first encounter with the culture of the America. In the school in Macun, a new young teacher, Miss Jimenez brings new ways to the students by encouraging their learning of English and other American values. Basically, it is acceptable due to the fact that Puerto Rican falls under American colonial power. Nevertheless, Santiago hopes that the fact that Miss Jimenez is new in the school is the reason for her advice to students.
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The coming of Miss Jimenez brings new changes. First, a school breakfast is introduced on daily basis. Similarly, hygiene is emphasized and taught during a parents' meeting. There is much opposition on the American ways by grown ups who see it ridiculous emphasizing on nutrition and hygiene. One lady makes a remark on spending much time cleaning teeth loudly that everyone hears it. She cannot understand how such a negligible issue should waste her time to do other chores in the house. Conflicts also arise when students are served with the American breakfast. The author is bewildered by everything that makes up the breakfast. He describes the colors making up the foods heaped in the plate as green and blue. After drinking milk and peanut butter, the author falls ill. He is so much infuriated by this fact that he ends yelling at all the people. He curses the people offering the food telling them that his Mami and Papi are capable of feeding him better and not with the gringo food which he describes imperialist and disgusting. Thus we American culture has been imposed on that of Puerto Rican leading to these conflicts.


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