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Real leaders have always stood out from the crowd and shown proper characters that are admirable. This means that not all people who lead are real leaders. This paper analyses Goffee, & Jones, book "Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?" It brings the qualities that leaders need to have so as to be efficient in their leadership. In leadership the followers need to follow only leaders who excel so as to guide them on the right path.

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To be a good leader a person needs to be visionary, energetic, authoritative, and have strategic direction. In addition to these qualities Goffee & Jones identifies four additional qualities that make leaders better. According to Goffee & Jones the four qualities are firstly to show their weakness selectively; secondly, is relying heavily on intuition in gauging the suitable timing and course of action they need to take; thirdly, is the ability to manage people with empathy; and fourth, is revealing their differences.

These four additional qualities help leaders to be very inspirational to their followers and they become envied and role models in society. To some people revealing the weaknesses may be considered a bad quality but it really helps in bringing their humanly being. People understand that they are not perfect in everything and that error is too human; this makes the followers to trust the leader. It also helps in building solidarity among the followers and leaders since the leaders may prove they are genuine and very approachable.

Revealing weakness may also offer the leader some immunity and valuable protection since people will view it as human nature. However revealing weaknesses needs intelligence and crafting where it should be done in away that adds an advantage to the leader side and that is why it should be done selectively. For example, weakness that can add strength to the leaders' character should be revealed other than those that create a negative image.

Real leaders know how to do the right thing at the right time and at the right place. This makes them very efficient and effective since they are able to collect and interpret information that makes them informed on the right paths. They need to be able to analyze the environment and the situation at hand before making the appropriate decisions. Mostly their instincts never fail them since they are able to sense the best and worst of situations, though this may be done through the help of an advisor.

Real leaders need show understanding to their followers and the work they do. With this the followers feel loved and appreciated making them reciprocate with obedience and loyalty which will create a perfect atmosphere of understanding. Leaders must also dare to be different in their own unique way. In their unique ways they can attract attention and build characters that will be different from other leaders that may also bring a positive difference in the followers. It should be noted that leadership is about daring and real leaders should be not be cowards but dare to try different methods that intelligently crafted to ensure inspirational leadership.

People have developed myths about leadership which are refuted by Goffee & Jones, they include everyone is a leader, leaders deliver results, people who get to the top are leaders, and leaders are coaches. In trying to understand leadership should not stand in the way since the qualities and characters of a leader are unquestionable. In conclusion before anyone accepts a leader they must ask themselves Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? And in answering this question, then one analyses the qualities mentioned above.


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