Free William Zinsser and On Well Writing Essay Sample

This book On Well Writing by William Zinsser has been praised because of its sound advice. The points are so clear and have warmth in its contents. It gives a provision to all the authors who want to write about various topic including science, sports and technology. The book offers essential principles of how best one should write. The author gives many ideas to both the students and teachers. The aspect of clutter is reinforced here and the author explains that fighting clutter is just like fighting a weed. Whether one writes articles or writes professional papers, Zinsser gives fundamental skills on how best it should be written. He explains in detail and clearly the stripped down writing style.  He does not use a lot of adverbs and adjectives in his writing. He outlaws all the future archaeologists.

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He gives a recommendation that all the writers should read their work aloud just before submitting it to the public. He also advices that when one is writing, the writer should assume that the reader o not know anything about the topic that is being written. This means that all the points must be vividly elaborated.  This should not however be confused and assume that the reader is an idiot. Here he means that, the information should be explained but it should not be too much explained until it looses its meaning.

Zinsser focuses so much on the troubles caused when writing science papers, business papers and technical writing papers. Zinsser tackling tackles various subjects like unity, structure, the usage of word in sentences and memoir. An example is the use of the word 'but' when starting a sentence. Most of the people have been told not to start their sentences with the word 'but'. This is opposed with Zinsser and he says that this is a perfect word that can be used at the beginning of the sentence. William Zinsser has inspired three different generations. These are the writers, students and journalists. This has made his books remain famous in the market.


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