Free History on Mendeleev and Bohr; and Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler Essay Sample

How Both Mendeleev and Bohr Used Structure

Mendeveel was a Russian scientist who was largely involved in the creation of the periodic table and its elements. He was a Russian scientist best known for development of the chemical elements’ properties of the periodic table. He used the structures of the elements that had been discovered to come up with properties both physical and chemical that had not been discovered by simply relating the elements which he had arranged on the periodic table according to their atomic weights. On the other hand, Bohr was a Danish scientist who made important discoveries about the structure of the atom and related it to the solar system as the electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom bound by electrostatic forces which provide attraction; its radiation; quantum theory; and nature of the periodic table. He argued that an atom emits electromagnetic radiations when its electrons jump from one quantum level to the other.

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Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler’s Views and Role on Communist and Fascist Societies

Both Mussolini and Hitler had a lot in common; were in support of the fascism societies and were dictators; and died in World War II.  They are described as poor military leaders and dictators. Hitler did not believe in communism and thought that Jews used it as a way to ruin Germany hence considered it as an enemy and argued that the future of Germany depended on extermination of Marxism. Mussolini believed in the power of the state to decide as opposed to an individual. Citizenship of Jews in Germany and Italy was stripped off and mingling with citizens was illegal. Lenin on the other hand did support communism and fought so hard for it. He believed in revolutionary’s overturning Russia. This challenged liberal notions of society in a government because there was a lot of prejudice involved and discrimination. I think the communist society is much more appealing because it provides some level of security for everyone, freedom and no discrimination of a race or religion.



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