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Free Black Board Questions Essay Sample

Week 3 question: Legalization of drugs would have benefits such as; reducing corruption and death associated with drug trafficking, save government money used to fight drug trafficking and use, can be government source of revenue, legalization will weaken the illegal organizations and terrorist community who benefit from this docket. Moreover, legalization will reduce adverse effects caused by manufacturers’ additive due to lack of regulations/checks, diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B spread will reduce since sharing in privacy of pricking objects will reduce, increase of freedom of movement without fear as well as reduction of crime and violation of children rights.

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On the other hand, legalization can also cause adverse effects in the community. The practice would increases corruption among government agencies; this could also lead to more harmful pro-type drugs for the poor class as evidenced by illicit brews. More so, government would somehow neglect monitoring effects of such drug thus deteriorating citizens health, legalizing would give an impression of safe drugs hence uncontrolled intake skyrocketing dangerous effects, those people who observe laws would no longer fear taking the drug hence expanding population that abuse drugs this would dwindle discipline thus hiking immorality.

The government therefore should legalize the drugs that have mild side effect and whose economical benefits outweighs the associated demerits. This will see the government benefit will such resources.

Week 4 question: Marriage should technically be permitted for only heterosexuals. Legalizing same sex couple marriage is an idea that should not be tolerated since in has no base of whatever. Considering the benefits that are supposed to be achieved in a marriage, people of the same sex cannot realize them and will end up targeting the lacking traits in their partners.     For instance, they cannot get a child on their own as well as man/woman personalities in marriage. If such people are legally accepted as a family, what will prevent marriage of human being and animals, human beings and inanimate since the idea is to observe and respect human rights, their democratic say and their stands rather than what is morally and rationally right. By legalizing homosexual marriages, it will be changing church teachings and killing church liberty, the government will be at conflict with entities that discriminate such couples and in the long run, resulting to constitutional crises.

Week 5 question: First Amendment is part of Bill of Rights America’s constitution. It prohibit congress and local government from making rules which interferes with religion, freedom of speech and infringing freedom of press among other issues.  

Over the years the Supreme Court has hustle strike a balance for free speech and spread of pornography. In 1968, Supreme Court ruled that the government has a madate to protect children and not adult from obscenity materials. In 1973, the right categories materials as obscene or not rest in the hands of the community, consequently may or may not enjoy First Amendment protection. More over in 1982, case affirmed the veto of child pornography as well as obscenity in enjoying no First Amendment protection as constitutional.

Therefore, the federal government and states have power to restrict pornography and obscenity, hence ruling out pornography as First Amendment issue.

week 6 question: Physician assisted suicide has been a heated debate especially in California after Oregon legalizing it. The main articulation points are law and morals. Legally, the act is not right nor is it congruent with health care practitioners’ code of ethics. Morally pretending to treat a person whose life is limited to days and experiencing diverse problems such as severe pain numb to pain killers, economical and financial issues to families with no improvement and eminent loss of dignity is totally in human. The act has been an ongoing practice despite government stand to oppose it. Therefore, the best government should step in and regulate the practice to safe levels by enacting laws, which clearly postulates the boundaries of physician striking point. The main aim of treatment is to restore patients comfort but if its deemed impossible, torturing the patient in the name of ethics and laws is totally illogic and inhuman. Patient right to refuse treatment to sustain life is respected but, escaping from disease torture is prohibited; give intentions of gaining financial benefits from patients but not helping them to recover or have a peaceful death. Making it a law/policy, health care workers can concentrate on saving lives, reduces horrible suicide cases and save on financial wastage.

week 7 question: Gambling is associated with social cost/effects such as increased crime, poor dedication to work consequently resulting low productivity, financial constrains especially to families and friends of gambling addicts, domestic violence which may lead to family breakup and increased deaths due to means used by the gamblers to secure money. Violation of children rights and human right is heighten by gambling since most of the individual are also involved with drugs, pornography or obscene acts deemed to attract participants. Others effects include; increased school dropouts, suicide drug indulgence at young age and negligence of family responsibilities. All these summed up imposes a heavy economical drawback in the society since money circulate among a few people though the sources are community based.

Grinols’s statement has a firm base and rationality. Gamblers use their families and friends’ money, loans, or illegally earned from the society to maintain the game in place. This leaves the group rich while draining the society financially. In other words, the society works hard to maintain gambling without their awareness.



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