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A fashion editor is a person whose decision depends on what the magazine or a newspaper reports concerning fashion from many proposals sent. As a fashion editor, I need to understand the publications’ readers with an informed plan for the paper.

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My desire to be a fashion editor took me to a journalism class where I have learnt the basics of becoming a fashion editor. I am creative and have a passion for fashion. I have also learnt a lot about fashion by taking fashion classes and self educating at my free time. I joined my school newspaper and have written as much about fashion as possible as well covered fashion shows. Sometimes I do write for fashion magazines, blogs and websites as a freelancer. In this way, I have developed contacts within the fashion world, and this has given me valuable experience as well as needed knowledge of the fashion industry.

I have also attended some computer classes on design and believe that these classes will prove a lot useful to me. In high school I attended some business classes and the knowledge that I gained will help  me in planning my finances and running my fashion business.

I now believe it is time I fully plunge myself into the fashion world. Currently, am trying to get an internship with a fashion magazine and gain the needed experience as an intern. Here, I will make valuable contacts with key players in the industry and develop a strong relationship with them, who I believe will help my star shine in the fashion world.

I have always been into the fashion world and now want to use my artistic skills to get into my dream job.


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