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A fashion editor is a person whose decision depends on what the magazine or a newspaper reports concerning fashion from many proposals sent. As a fashion editor, I need to understand the publications’ readers with an informed plan for the paper.

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My desire to be a fashion editor took me to a journalism class where I have learnt the basics of becoming a fashion editor. I am creative and have a passion for fashion. I have also learnt a lot about fashion by taking fashion classes and self educating at my free time. I joined my school newspaper and have written as much about fashion as possible as well covered fashion shows. Sometimes I do write for fashion magazines, blogs and websites as a freelancer. In this way, I have developed contacts within the fashion world, and this has given me valuable experience as well as needed knowledge of the fashion industry.

I have also attended some computer classes on design and believe that these classes will prove a lot useful to me. In high school I attended some business classes and the knowledge that I gained will help  me in planning my finances and running my fashion business.

I now believe it is time I fully plunge myself into the fashion world. Currently, am trying to get an internship with a fashion magazine and gain the needed experience as an intern. Here, I will make valuable contacts with key players in the industry and develop a strong relationship with them, who I believe will help my star shine in the fashion world.

I have always been into the fashion world and now want to use my artistic skills to get into my dream job. In my pursuit of a fashion editor's role, I recognized the importance of not just understanding the industry but also comprehending the nuances of the audience. The editorial decisions I make hinge on the reports from magazines and newspapers, which shape my vision for the paper. It's a delicate dance of catering to readers' interests while maintaining a distinct editorial voice.

The journalism class I attended was more than a gateway; it was a treasure trove of insights. Beyond the basics, it offered a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between journalism and fashion. As I delved into the intricacies, I honed my ability to curate content that resonates with the readership.

My journey extended beyond the classroom. Enrolling in fashion classes and dedicating my free time to self-education became my norm. The fashion world is dynamic, and staying ahead requires constant learning. Through my contributions to the school newspaper, fashion blogs, and magazines, I cultivated a style of writing that blends expertise with an engaging narrative.

Acknowledging the tech-savvy landscape of the fashion industry, I ventured into computer classes on design. The skills acquired here form a potent arsenal for navigating the digital realms of fashion journalism. Simultaneously, the business classes in high school provided financial acumen, crucial for steering my future fashion ventures.

Now, the threshold of internship beckons. It's more than an opportunity; it's a strategic move to immerse myself in the pulsating heart of the fashion world. This hands-on experience is not just a chance to apply theoretical knowledge but a stepping stone to establish meaningful connections with industry stalwarts. Mentorship, I believe, will be the catalyst propelling my star into the ascendant in the fashion cosmos.

In this journey, my artistic inclination becomes a tool not just for personal expression but as a means to carve a niche in the competitive landscape of fashion journalism. The dream of becoming a fashion editor is not merely a career goal; it's a commitment to contributing something unique and transformative to the ever-evolving narrative of style.


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