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The essay by Zinsser, primarily describes a contemporary undergraduate. In the essay, a college student is a person who largely disregards his personality as is firmly subdued by externalities. For example, classmates' fears, the thought that other students are working harder and doing much better than he does at any particular time. This invokes uncertainty and thus loss of confidence.

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From the article, four major sources of pressure on college students are economic, parental, peer and self-induced. Subsequent elaborations on these sources comprehensively cover the principal facets of possible pressure to college students. For instance, the economic aspect comes into play when every student opts for course clusters that are likely to land them the best paying jobs, disregarding their personal interests, which results into unnecessary pressure build up, for they just do them with neither conviction nor passion.

Parental pressure, on the other hand, results when parents decide before hand what the children's career would be while disregarding the children's interests. The thought that the other students are working harder and doing much better is the best elaboration of peer and self-induced pressure. It nullifies self-confidence while cultivates baseless competition among the peers thereby imposes on them unnecessary pressure.  

Both CNN and the Times newspaper agree with the fact that all students who attend colleges deal with the four pressures analyzed by William Zinsser. According to BBC, however, other minor pressures affect that affect undergraduate students also exist. These additional minor pressures include the new milieu pressure, professor pressure and the first day pressure. Most of them though, wear off fast with time.

In conclusion, all students who attend colleges deal with the same four pressures as elaborated by Zinsser; nevertheless, as BBC verified, there are also other minor sources of pressure as detailed above.


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