Free Database System Phase 3DB2 Essay Sample

The transfer of data using IBM DB2 can be put into two categories namely; the import and the export utility. The most utilized utilities employed in the process of data transfer using the 3DB2 are mysgihotcopy and mysqidump. These two utilities are mostly used for recovery and backup but can as well be used in copying existing tables as well as the entire data thus making it possible for the movement of data of small and medium database size. This movement is possible across two databases within a given server or even to a different server. The choice of the utility to be used depends on setting up cost, database size to be copied, restore options, type of table and locking mechanism. Considering the Tim and Jim case of moving data from their spreadsheet into my data base, several methods can be used with the above named utilities being some of the most commonly used. DB2 import and export have so far proved to be more reliable in the storage and transfer of data.

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The 3DB2 import serves as utilities providers by IDM DB2 in the importation of data from files that come in various sizes into updateable views or tables. Contrary to the MySQL in terms of recovery and backup, the DB2 has its own backup and recovery mechanism that utilizes the db2recover and db2backup. Some desirable characteristics when it comes to DB2 applications include; the must acquisition of the proper privileges and authority. Without the two, the user cannot be able to carry out any import without committing an error.  This will be important in the importation of Jims and Tim’s data as there are limited chances of data corruption. In addition, the DB2 important is effective in most administrative tasks. The application can be conveniently administered from prompt command DB2 and CLP Control Center.

DB2 import offers a flexible means of importing files sourced from external applications. It is advantageous in that it has a native storage capability of XML and is included with import support. This is essential in ensuring that the data transferred from Jims and Tim’s database is done with outmost efficiency. With IBM 3DB2, XML documents can be imported into database. It also stores XML in a format that is parsed hierarchical.  The application gives room for the validation of XML documents during the import process. By doing so, any error result from bad data occurring during XML importation is enabled if it is validated. Import utility of the DB2 application with delimited file is easily accomplished by using the CLP command. This import utility also supports a locking mode involving two tables; online and offline modes. It imports not just into table but also nickname, hierarchy or view.

In applying the DB2 export to send out data, it is a requirement to have DBADM or SYSAD authority or SELECT or CONTROL privilege for the tables’ participation in this operation. This export application supports similar file formats sets as DB2 which are PC/IXF, DEL, and WSF. The CLP command enabled by the DB2 export provides the complete syntax. The application can be easily invoked using the command line processor, an application programming interface or Load wizard found in its Control Center. Thus both the DB2 and the MySQL can be applied in the data duplication and high speed import and export of the data from Jims and Tim’s spreadsheet into my database in ways that will ensure the process is carried out in an efficient way avoiding data misplacement and corruption. The DB2 serves as the best method to be applied in this transfer. 


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