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One of the most imperative things that should be guaranteed in one's life is nothing but security or safety. In a college safety of the students should be ensured and this creates a conducive environment for learning. It stands to reason that while in school or college one should feel safe and secure.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than cure, when it comes to crime prevention; it is far much better to do what is within one's reach to prevent it than to report it to the authorities. Often students in residential halls regularly leave their room doors open and this invites curious neighbors who may in turn steal from them valuables. By far the most frequent crime that occurs in colleges is theft and burglaries hence many colleges ought to have taken right measures to curb them such as encouraging the students to refrain from the behavior. Again this kind of behavior exemplifies the fact that the students feel unsafe and uncomfortable within the colleges and this vividly shows that colleges are not working to ensure the student's safety.

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It is of note to acknowledge the fact that sometimes things go wrong and that is when the emergency systems that the colleges have put in place spring into action in order to ensure the students' security. Again this puts into test their effectiveness. For example, in order to fight fires they have put in place fire extinguishers and have even gone a step further to train the students on all the possible methods of extinguishing fire. Most of the students are always concerned when it comes to their security the moment they notice laxity with the procedures of aiding them in case of emergency. This keeps the colleges on toes and this helps in improving the security procedures.

Again to protect the vulnerable students when violence arises, colleges have employed the college police force which has been trained to deal with such cases. The college police can counter against the unruly students hence ensuring that order is maintained. Another important measure taken by the colleges is offering self-defense classes to students. This helps protect them from physical assault and students have considered taking them. Many of these classes are offered as P.E and credit. Students are also advised not to walk alone at night and should seek or take advantage of police escort offered by the colleges.

Some appalling actions such as that took place at The Virginia Tech massacre in which a gunman who happened to be a student at the college killed five faculty members and twenty seven students and saw many others injured during the rampage drove many universities to initiate an emergency messaging system. The college lacked an emergency messaging system and after the incident mass alert systems have been initiated. when an emergency or something like this happens, colleges with mass alert systems in place, send out simultaneous phone calls and text messages and e-mails to students and faculty members warning them of the situation. At the same time they provide advice on how to stay safe.

Through the scrutiny of sources, some truth about the welfare of the students in school has been revealed. Cases of students falling sick during the school's official hours have been reported. Many of the colleges lack the necessary material to cater for such emergency cases. To some extend the student who falls sick, and especially due to lack of quick medical attention may find themselves on the receiving end of the ailment.  They are actually succumbed to risks like death, deformities among other form of disastrous consequences. Claims that the colleges are well equipped with medical facilities, backing ones argument on the availability of the cheap and unreliable tablets issued as suggested by many , should actually be disposed and rules as pertains to what is required in schools be tabled.

It is also notable that there has occurred a case about food which is unsafe to consume. Food is known to contain bacteria. Cooking food, refrigerating it and also freezing it are collective measures to destroy bacteria found in food or maintaining the growth of those bacteria dormant to create time for them to eat or preparation of the food.  There exists specific rules as pertains to the refrigeration of foods, inclusive of the recommended temperature foods should be stored at to maintain safety and also the time a given type of food can spend in the refrigerator before assumed to have "bad". Many colleges are known to assume the food issues and these makesthe students vulnerable to sicknesses.

Many colleges are situated just next to big towns. It is well known of the common crimes just like daily there cases reported by the media. People are murdered; bombasts set on major buildings, people robbed at gun point among other deadly cases. It is on the hand interesting to note the carelessness among most of the colleges as in some evident cases there is normally free entrance into the school's premises. If not so, the regulations set to enable one get access to the restricted area are too soothing, some being that one must have an identity card, bearing in mind that the same can be faked. This is too risky as anything futile like robbery or theft may take place within the school hence endangering the student's lives.

Student's safety has been threatened by the students themselves. It is quite important to note that some of the students happen to be evil doers who are bound to harm their fellow students. In some cases, students in a particular may collude with outsiders either to steal or harm other students. Such cases have proved quite hard to deal with because all the students look innocent when together but their inner person is quite hard to notice. This will remain to be a problem to all that has to be dealt with in order to reduce its impacts because complete eradication of some is quite hard.

Students have also suffered molest from their teachers. Sources reveal that teachers have actually seduced students or even forced them to have love affairs. This remains a major problem to the students as their concentration is completely shattered and they can never concentrate their attention into the class. Their education is bound to mark its end or even poor performance as only dedication precedes success. Such acts have been witnessed but dealing with them remains a puzzle to all. Campuses have been unable to completely eradicate such acts and all what many of them can do is just to look at things happen and their voices are heard when fate shows up.

In school, students tend to come different backgrounds. Cases about family feuds have been witnessed. The participants extend their wrath to all the enemy's family members and they may decide to harm them. Almost all schools are usually less concerned about the student's homes and they only confine themselves into academic business. The schools should more about the student's home and ensure that the student have humble time while in school and that they security is enhanced even against home attacks.

I have realized that so many of the colleges, including those that are alleged to be academically excellent and whose academic prowess is recognized, have to make tremendous changes as pertains to the students' security. The colleges dwell much on academic issues and leave the security issues to take care of themselves. This may be termed as ignorance and lest these institutions are careful, they will always find themselves in the midst of trouble owing t the deterioration their security level and the risks tied up.

When the colleges are addressing security issues, they should mostly emphasize on the students' security as life may not possibly be compared to property. Students' welfare is tied should be given the first priority as such an act is actually tied up with so many advantages. First the students' success means the country's development as the skills learnt in school have nowhere else to be applied other being applied their outside school. Also enhancement of security in schools affects the students' lives in so many ways. The student is able to realize that security is the backbone to excellence hence in their lifetime they will ensure maximum security in their environments having seen how crucial it is. This will generally make the world a peaceful place and also an enjoyable place to live in.


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