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Change is ever evident especially between generations; each generation has its own unique way of making things happen. Some ideas are passed on to the next generation while others are completely changed or done away with. On the other hand some are alters to suit the generation needs and experiences. One thing is evident though, when at college life is cool and fun; it is the time to get the taste of the good life while you try to build a foundation for your life. Indeed some college students do not have the focus on the life coming up after college which is more important but they focus on the moment and how they can get the best of it. This paper, analysis three articles on the issue of life after college and how the generation is no adequately prepared for the future jobs. It tackles the article “Generation Y | Last year of college offers cool reality check about life after SU” “The Posteverything Generation” and thirdly “Generation Y: They've arrived at work with a new attitude”.

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The educational system may have it flaws in preparing the children for the future; it has continued to mould students to focus on the good life after school. They think that it is just getting a white collar job and working in offices that is best; instead of focusing on broadening the minds of the individuals to focus on how they can involve in business. According to Tousignant, students are caught up in the good feeling of college life of determining their own schedules and freedom to manage their time and the harsh reality of seeking for a job. After college students get to know the real life behind being a dependant to being independent. They face numerous taxes, rents, and bills that are in employment.

In fact, Tousignant, asserts that they are misled to believing that life will be smooth if only one studies hard. On the other hand they come to realize that even getting a job is a great hustle which is not the same with the excitement in college. She quotes “Endless inspirational talks have led you to believe every road in life is ready for discovery, a million opportunities are just within your reach, success is your destiny. And now? Well, I don't really sense the same level of excitement from family or friends. It's more of a slightly enthusiastic — or shrill — "Have you found a job?"

Handler talks of the quire behavior in colleges where the students will go for lectures very casually and listening to music. This is the freedom and ways of college not knowing that they will be facing their employer who will insist on the formal wear. He quotes “with every other jaded sophomore wearing skinny jeans, thick-framed glasses, an ironic tee-shirt and over-sized retro headphones, just waiting for lecture to be over”. It is described as the era of post modernism which is the order of many colleges.

The college life has also been a place to teach the youth about rebellion and war, they focus more on solving disputes the hard way instead of ensuring there is peaceful dialogue. This is a great problem since the same character is passed on to when they are in employment. If there is dispute or breakdown of communication the college grads will try to implement their old way of solving issues. One would say that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, this is the case for college students, who tend to transfer their own casual way of doing things to the workplace. You will find them wearing casually instead of the formal dressing just to attract attention of just to feel good.

In college they sign petitions, and get involved in many types of things but mostly all is not what the students focus to do in life. They always play a gamble instead of concentrating on the important issues of how to build their careers. They are not trained to be conscious of their goals like developing political careers, being inspirational and revolutionary and even developing a precise philosophy in their lives. They have no focus, direction, theme, meaning or structure in what they do in college. The generation gap therefore exists and only comes true when one is out of college and literally in the real world.

The college teaches rebellion which is a moral degradation especially due to peer pressure; in fact politicians will try to utilize the energy in campus students for their own gains. The students are not even taught the right channels of communication where they are always on chat rooms, and social websites hence lack basic communication skills. These communication skills are always very relevant in their search for a job and most will always complain and see the importance of these facts when it is already too late.

In Armour, article “Generation Y: They've arrived at work with a new attitude” it says that the generation comes in with an attitude. They are known for their don’t care attitude and their quest to seek attention. They even come to listen to iPods at work just a translation of what they have been used to in college. A good statement to describe them would be “They want to work, but they don't want work to be their life”. The campus life moulds the college graduates to be something else apart from being effective and efficient in their work; they focus more on the books rather than imparting life changing skills which are essential once they land in the real world per se.

They don’t love work but they want to earn and they even change careers easier than the way they change courses at college. The staff turnover for the employee even becomes high and just brings frustrations to those who need to recruit and retain the best talent and high performers. The systems have taught them to be dependant but not independent; in view of the fact that they are pampered and nurtured with swing ideas since they were children. This makes them be able to perform high but on the other hand have a high maintenance. They have been taught to question their teachers and even parents and they translate it to the employers and question them. They are not used to be commanded and controlled hence they want to be a master of their own and run their own show. They are more interested in jobs that will suit their lifestyles and accommodate their way of life instead of building a career which will be sustainable. They are more focused on the flexibility of the job and would even prefer part time jobs that are suiting their lifestyles. Armour, describes that they are not used to a single job that will be monotonous however they love change and hence will change careers often.

Their dressing is also a major issue in the workplace, just as Armour, quotes “In the workplace, conflict and resentment can arise over a host of issues, even seemingly innocuous subjects such as appearance, as a generation used to casual fare such as flip-flops, tattoos and capri pants finds more traditional attire is required at the office”.

In conclusion, college life should be a bridge to ushering in the working environment and should always focus on that; however it has remained as a barrier for the students who would want to achieve a perfect career. There should be a real transformation in the ways college life prepares the students for their future especially in behavioral change and social expectations.


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