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My life changed totally as I moved from high school to college. It was totally different from the high school experience I was used to. From change in class work in relation to change of subjects to the home life I was used to. To say the least, the experience I had was an eye opener in many ways.

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The longest time I had ever lived away from home was a two week seminar I had attended in Minnesota during science congress and so was not accustomed to living on my own. I had no good experience living on my own. I was used to getting instruction from my parents, and now? I had my own space and all the freedom in the world. This made me feel overwhelmed. I felt lonely as I knew no one and so I was homesick most of the first weeks. To be frank, I struggled to heal my homesick problem as I could not find the peace of my heart I felt I missed; from my parents, siblings and my neighborhood. For the first two months I used to call home every day and this made me miss my parents the more. It hurt more when they said, "Victor, the house feels so empty without you."

College classes were also different from high school ones, the 'new courses' seemed to be more difficult the high school ones. I realized that all my homework was meant to be done outside class and that it was up to me to get to the library and do the necessary assignments. Here in college, I also had to get used to continuous assessment tests unlike in high school. This is a big burden but I must say that I had to put more effort and I can see the fruits. My first semester as a college student meant that I had to adapt to a totally new style of learning.  

The decision to go away to college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It made me grow up from my 'parents nest' and explore the world outside my home. I learned to stay on my own, met and made faraway friends and above all acquire knowledge that I am looking forward to start my career on. It set the pace for me to start adapting to different situations for the rest of my life. Am really grateful not only to my parents for taking to college but also to my lecturers for imparting knowledge and making me understand the world around me.

The initial shock of living independently gradually evolved into a valuable lesson in self-reliance. Navigating through the challenges of daily life without the familiar support system forced me to develop practical skills and a resilient mindset. From managing finances to doing laundry, each task became a small victory in my journey towards adulthood.

The social aspect of college life was equally enlightening. Making friends from diverse backgrounds expanded my worldview and exposed me to perspectives I had never considered. The bonds formed during that first year became a crucial support network, helping to alleviate the initial loneliness. Collaborating on assignments and sharing experiences created a sense of camaraderie that enriched my overall college experience.

Beyond the academic rigors, extracurricular activities played a significant role in shaping my college narrative. Joining clubs and participating in events allowed me to discover new interests and hone skills outside the classroom. It was through these experiences that I realized the importance of a well-rounded education, where personal growth goes beyond textbooks and lecture halls.

As I delved deeper into my chosen field of study, internships and practical projects became integral components of my learning journey. The hands-on experience provided a real-world application of theoretical knowledge, bridging the gap between academia and industry expectations. These opportunities not only enhanced my understanding of the subject matter but also laid the groundwork for future career endeavors.

Looking ahead, the challenges and triumphs of that first year continue to shape my approach to life and learning. The foundation built during those initial months in college remains a solid base for the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and personal development. The journey is ongoing, with each semester presenting new opportunities for growth, exploration, and the acquisition of skills that extend beyond the confines of a classroom.


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