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When the semester started off, I had a lot of anticipation believing that I would be able to learn new things and at the same time be in a position to interact well with my teachers well. Now that I have come to the end of the semester, my reflection on how the semester has been intrigues me. There are a number of achievements hat am so proud of. Being that I had difficulties in writing my work, I am so happy to know that I can write well no to mention articulate my ideas well in pen and per. To me this is an achievement since I had difficulties in the previous semester on writing. My problems on writing were based on my ability to conceive what to write. I see myself in the future someone able to write well and express myself better.
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Despite my achievement this semester, I have noted that I still have some weaknesses that in need to address in order to improve my academic performance in college. One of these weakness lies on my development and analysis of thesis statement. With this weakness, I have recognized that often, I seem to lack the understanding of how best analyze a given thesis statement. To add on this, I have been confused on how to understand the three key elements in the Rhetorical triangle. Whereas I can easily identity the three elements successfully, my problem lies in drawing the interaction between the three elements. On the same note, I have found it difficult to use the rhetorical trainable to deliver my presentation in class. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that I will work on these weaknesses so as to improve my understanding. Ultimately, I see myself proficient in the use of the rhetoric triangle well as well as able to analyze any given thesis statement and draw a conclusion in its value.

In the semester, I was able to learn how to write well in order to pass information in a clear and understandable manner. The understanding on how to write came out as my teacher took me through the process of writing where he invoked thinking in me. As a result of these, I have developed both thinking and reasoning which have shaped my writing skills. This process showed me that my writing was poor due to the lack of thinking in my writing. In the end, I learned that my writing was not organized with my arguments wrongly placed in my writings. Additionally, I came to realize that a good number of my writing had the thesis statements wrongly placed.

Often, these made my writing poor and difficult to impress and inform the readers.
Having realized my weaknesses during the start of the semester, I was eager to put what I had been taught about writing into practice. Beginning with a rough draft where I jotted my arguments down, I leant how to order my augments around the theses statement that I would write about. Soon, I started getting positive comments from my teacher and student for the improvement that I had displayed. This was indeed a clear demonstration that I had improved my writing skills as the semester went on. Currently, I can write very comfortably than before.

During my revision process, I was able to review the concepts that I had well understood and those that had posed challenges to me. I chose to review what had understood well in order to reinforce my understanding and at the same time promote better understanding. In the end, I have learnt how to use analysis particularly the tools of analyses to examine different meanings in videos, articles, advertisement using the three different element of the rhetoric triangle. These tools will shape my future success.


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