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The concept of self-actualization to me is something that I cherish most since it has been able to steer me to the frontier of creativity when it comes to handling my two children. In addition, I have been able to reach high conscious and wisdom levels when it comes to handling my college work. I make attempts to meet my self-actualizing requirements by being autonomous and fully-functioning at all times so as to achieve the success I need in life. In college, I mingle with all sorts of people, but I do not give regard to the stereotypes thus, I learn from anyone since am very friendly to all who approach me. Emotionally, I am intelligent and I do not cripple any guilt or shame. I have a tendency to be serene and lack worry in all I do especially when it comes to handling my two kids. In life, am a self starter and very responsible thus I own my behavior. For me, work becomes play and thus my desires are in excellent accord with my reasoning as a parent.
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Critical thinking is one of the things as a mother, I can't do without. Most of the times, my kids squabble and when solving the argument I use my deductive reasoning so as not to favor anyone. I try identifying assumptions that might eventually influence my final decisions and access the validity as well as the accuracy of information being given by both of them to support their actions. The minute I fail to be deductive in my reasoning, it will stir problems in my family because I will accept truths that are half-truths which is not a good example to my kids who will be parents in future. In the work place, arguments arise every now and then and most of the time I am being presented with it so I can solve it. Being given the mandate to do so, I will try not to be bias and thus will employ my deductive reasoning to lead me to fair conclusions and make peace.

Being autonomous and independent in all that reflects to my life is something of prevalence thus the impulses and thoughts are not hampered by any conventions. I can be alone at times but am not lonely because my standards are highly set and maintained throughout. I seek justice for all and I encourage people to be honest with themselves so as to live healthy lives that are autonomous in nature. My ethics are autonomous and determine my own inner moral standard which reflects to my identity as a mother and woman. I formed my identity by being friends with those who build my life positively by encouraging me to strive for the best bearing in mind that my kids look up to me for advice and support. As a mother and student, I have been able to leave my work and family separate including my college life. All in all, I am one person who is honest and very hard working so as to live a healthy and comfortable life filled with love.

I am very creative when it comes to college work and also when it concerns my family. I ensure that we spend most of the time together especially during the weekend, when am no working, and thus I come up with games that build and mould us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Creativity is a tool I employ even in my workplace and has earned me rewards that have been able to take me places. I want to be creative even in my hours of sleep which would be very captivating. Being creative leads to being innovative and thus one will be successful which is what I am aiming for. Success goes hand-in-hand with creative minds since they are ever active and at par with the outside world.

In the realm of critical thinking, I employ deductive reasoning not only in resolving conflicts between my children but also in addressing workplace disputes. This approach ensures fairness and objectivity in decision-making, setting a positive example for my children's future roles as parents. Autonomy, a prevailing theme in my life, allows for unhindered thoughts and impulses, fostering independence. This mindset extends to my ethical principles, shaping my identity as a mother and woman. I prioritize justice and honesty, guided by an internal moral standard.

The friendships I've cultivated contribute positively to my life, urging me to strive for excellence. Maintaining a clear boundary between work and family life remains crucial, allowing me to uphold honesty and hard work in both realms. Creativity continues to be a driving force, not only in family activities but also in the workplace, earning recognition and opportunities. This creative spirit is not confined to waking hours, as I aspire for innovation even in my dreams, contributing to a narrative of success and continuous growth.


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