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Over the recent decades, the standard of education has fall before the expected. This has led to the shortfall of qualified manpower to take up the roles in developing nations. The declining educational standard is the main cause why this assessment tool has been developed. The tool is meant to access the reading ability of young children from grade four to six. It is intended for this group since this is the foundation stage and reading is taught at this level. 

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The demographic information of the participants will be included in the table below.




Parents occupation








The above demographic data will help in shedding light and relating the children performance to his family background. It will also assist the tutors in knowing the students hence defining the appropriate means of delivering instruction to them. Bellow is an assessment tool which will be used in assessing the students. It is developed to asses the children reading ability in the school set-up. The tool is developed bearing in mind the academic standard in the nation.






 Quickly read the passage with no difficulty. Observed the use of full stops, comma and other punctuations. Pronounced the words correctly (passed the above test or did everything right).




Quickly or slowly read the passage with no difficulty. Observed or ignored the punctuation marks. Proper or improper pronunciation of words (any two of the above did correctly).




Quick or slow in reading the passage. Paid attention or ignored the punctuation marks. Proper or improper pronunciation of the words (if the student scores any of the above).




 Slow in reading the passage. Ignored the use of punctuation and never pronounced the words correctly (if the student recognized the writings).




Did not observe any of the above( kept quiet throughout the session)









The assessment tool was designed to asses the reading abilities of the children in the lower level. Individuals are considered to be able to read if they can pay attention to the punctuations used in the sentences or paragraphs and able to pronounce the words correctly. Besides this, students must be able to read faster as it forms the basis of their assessment. This among others is the reason why this assessment tool was developed. The assessment tool was designed to asses the main areas where many people make errors in reading.  A characteristic of the assessment tool is that it uses values to evaluate the student scores. The student who observes the rules or the laid down procedures scores the highest marks. The tool pays attention to every aspect of reading both first and slow which is crucial in assessing the reading ability.

The tool is relatively reliable and valid in assessing the reading proficiency of the students. The tool is more reliable in that it can be used anywhere by any party who want to use it. It reduces biases to students since one can take the test even from home if one feels the teacher might have been biased. The validity and validity of the tool is that it is scientific, and it generates evidence which can be evaluated. The scores the students get can be subjected to scrutiny for validity. Besides this, the reliability and validity is as per the way it is administered. It uses scientific methods, which are empirical and can be used to validate the outcome of the test.

The scoring procedure of the tools is that students with the highest scores know how to read. Students who score the highest points know how to read. The reading ability declines with the decline in scores. A student who is excellent in reading will score 4 points, which is above everyone. The students who do not know how to read will not score and their tally will be zero. However, there is room for average students. The middle score between four and one will represent average student in-terms of reading. The scores will give the students an opportunity to learn and pay attention to their teachers.

The results got from the assessment can be used to improve learning in the learning institutions. First of all, the biographical information will be helpful to the tutors. Knowing the student age will help the tutors in designing a learning methodology which is in relation to the student age. Different students in a classroom set-up with different age groups can affect the individual performance in institutions. Re-defining the methodology as per the age will be an outcome of the assessment which is crucial for the student wellbeing.

Race and occupation of the student parents or guardians will provide information about the background of the students. Students learning ability may be affected by his or her background which may be beyond their control. For instance, underlying background information may be family poverty, which minimizes the student participation. Proper measures can be taken to give these students additional attention to match the rest and know how to read. Race of the student can also victimize him or her through discrimination by fellow students. Discrimination can also originate from the tutors. Religion also instills some values on students which affect their performances; this can be corrected by taking the student to another school of the same religion or abandoning these value beliefs.


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