Free Summative Assesment: Principles and Practice Essay Sample

    • Summative assessment is an educational assessment where student’s performance is checked after a period of extensive learning.
    • Grades are awarded depending on the performance of the student. It is concerned with answering the question.
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  • For example, did the students understand what they were supposed to learn? This helps in checking the quality test of the students and whether the curriculum teaches what is supposed to be taught.
  • The process ends up giving out a wide range of pupils ranging from low to high performance students. This is explicitly dependent on the curriculum content taught as well as the teaching techniques.
  • Knowledge and skills of students is essential in determining the standards and quality of a student. Such is based on evidence gathered throughout the training session. The evidence is based on stability, consistency, decision making and fairness of the assessment.
  • Summative assessment needs to be reliable and validated. The content, construction of the assessment and linkage of the test to the items taught and the consistency in grading enable the validity and reliability of the assessment to beexplicitly known.
  • The morale or motivation of students depend on the grades attained, poor performers may end up with low self esteem or even end up dropping out of school.
  • Expectations of teachers, students as well as parents are set from the beginning of the learning session to the end. This creates anxiety amongst all involved parties hence strategies to attain the expected grades need to be laid out explicitly, such is show cased by use of timetables or schedules.
  • In conclusion, comparatively, formative assessment as well as summative assessments is vital in assessing the overall class assessment.
  • They are subjective hence leads to development of strategies to attain the required grades are crucial.
  • A timely assessment is also need as students need to be well prepared. This form of assessment is important in arming students with the knowhow to get things done but also needs to be checked to avoid cases where slow learners will feel motivated.

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