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MacDonald believes that, those people who believe in the fight against the police and racial policing ignore the fact that, the most important role of policing is prevention of crime. She argues that one cannot determine whether the police are arresting so many people from a certain race without having to determine first, the crime rates among these people.

MacDonald believes that the police are not racist, she believes that the anti police regulations and the racial profiling are greatly interfering with the work of the police. They are causing unnecessary friction and disagreement among the police and public. These police officers fear doing their duties of aggressively fighting crime for fear of being called racists; the result of this the neighborhoods become more risky. The racial profiling has affected the police work of the police to the point that the police has responded by reducing their arrest and stops leading to the increase in petty crime. The people who undergo suffering most from this are the blacks who live with the majority of criminals. Violent criminals and drug dealers have benefited the most from this racial profiling, the criminals go back to the black communities.

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The statistics used to express this racial profiling have also been challenged by MacDonald, She argues that the media is constantly using the number of black people who participate in criminal acts as a percentage of the whole population instead of using the number as a percentage of the people who commit the crime. This leads to misleading figures and thus reactions that the police are seen to arrest more of black people as compared to whites. This is not true as the statistics used are wrong and thus defend the police being racial.

MacDonald also feels that the media is constantly attacking the police instead of appreciating the good work they do. She accuses the media of give unsubstantiated claims that racism in the police force are growing at a very high rates. She also disputes the suggestion by the media on how to deal with police matters, for instance, that the black cops should pullover the same number of minorities with that of whites. She also disputes the way in which the media reports news about the police force; it's either the police having used excess force or letting the situation get out of hand.

Racial profiling and the fight against the police have also seen an increase in the trade of drugs, this is because in the inner cities where drug trade is likely to be rampant, the police become reluctant in arresting the young black people who could be selling the drugs. The police fear that by arresting them, they would be charged as being racist and as such, they don't involve themselves in combating the trade. This greatly affects the black community because the trade is more common than in other communities.

The control of the police operations especially the racial policing have led to an increase in crime rates mostly in the black community, this is because they are minority and as such the police go there not to arrest them but to protect them. When the media and political class accuse the police of being racists, they stop the proactive policing which prevents the crimes before they happen, instead, the police react to the crime after it has already happened. This leads to increased crime rates as preventive measures are being taken by the police, they fear that their arrest rates will be compared with the population rather with the crime rates. This denies the black community the protection they need against the criminals.

The war against the police seems to be going on every day and does not show any signs of ending any time soon

The police are required to write reports about how they interact with the citizens based on their race and ethnicity. This makes the police to try and do their tasks in a way likely to suggest that they are treating all citizens fairly without any racism s instead of operating depending on the need to combat crime rates. This will definitely lead to an increased crime rates among the black's communities where most criminals reside as the police will want to present a report without any traces of racism.


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