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Society has been ruthless, when handling issues affecting the girl child. By denying the girl child, her rights are violating the law. Around the globe, the girl child has been discriminated and considered entirely dependent on man. From the recent research, done on the progress made in the campaign to create awareness of women`s rights the statistics are shocking. Over 50% of the women population is not aware of their rights. Some communities do not allow education to the girl child. Girls are being subjected to early marriages and other gender based violence. All this happened, because nobody rose to grind these injustices and deliberating on gender sensitive issues. Avenues, like writing, were not utilized as platforms to detest these aloof practices of partiality. The neglect and little respect accorded to the female persons robbed the world much wealth, because of the untapped potential in women. The talent in women is being unutilized to engineer economics growth to help families make a living, besides meeting other requirements.

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It was not until recently that things have begun looking up, thanks to the efforts of certain groups and movements that have fought tooth and nail to compel those conservative and loyal to the old ways of doing things to bow and pave the way for reforms that have culminated into the equal treatment of women and the girl child. This is seen by taking a glance at the corporate world, the law industry and the political arena that has absorbed women stakeholders or players. This is a gauge that can be used to measure the gains of education, brought to us by institutions such as colleges, universities and many others.

Parents have also contributed intensively to achieve these enormous transformations and move at this pace towards academic developments. School authorities are supposed to meet the requirements of female children satisfying their needs in healthcare and general needs. The achievements have also been realized due to individual input through writing and production of other publications. Aware of the gains brought by education Cofer and Virginia are among the personalities, who rose against all odds to acquire education and helped create awareness among those faced by challenges similar to theirs, to take their grounds firmly and aim their targets. Cofer and Virginia rendered their deaf ears to all unfavorable, unsuitable situations, and soldiered on.

Cofer was born on the second month in the year 1952. In the year 1967, she relocated with her family to Augusta, Georgia. It is here that she attended Buttler High School. Later she joined Augsta College and completed with B.A in English and pursued her studies further and graduated with an M.A in English language. She entered writing, because it was a calling as she says, “it wasn’t until I finished my studies that I was conquer with the need to write a sudden poem or story line on the backside of my index cards”. While Virginia’s entry into writing was as a result of emulating her father Sir. Leslie Stephen, a celebrated historian and author among other hobbies, like mountaineering.

Ortiz and Virginia are both gifted women writers, who script creatively. A glimpse into their works shows a positive correlation in their art and the awareness they intend to harness to the necks of their leaders. In the books, a room of one’s own and a woman in front of the sun: on becoming a writer the two writers are seen to hail from highly humble backgrounds with extremely many obstacles that can easily put out the fire of nurturing talent.

Cofer had to take the bull of being torn between different cultures and languages that were Spanish and English, to learn the power of words, though at a tender age. The terrain was no safe for Virginia either; as she equally faced the mischief of tradition for her father believed in taking boys to school disregarded investing in the education of a boy child.  This saw Virginia attend no school and her lacking of formal education. Plagued by such hurdles, the women have resorted to letting their audience know the importance of their education also cautioning them of their precarious niche in society.           

The author Virginia Woolf has richly used symbolism to illustrate the wasted potential in a girl child. Woolf comes up with a fictional character, by the name Judith, who she alleges to be a sibling to Shakespeare and expounds on how her rights to acquire knowledge have been infringed as society has curved it in a way that girls are not considered for schooling. She uses this fictional character to illustrate how ladies with a potential equivalent to that of Shakespeare can be let to waste.

Woolf depicted Judith, who was trapped in home attending family chores, while her brothers went to school (Cofer 10). Woolf notes with much concern the brightness of Judith; as if she wonders why she couldn’t be sent to school by saying “she was adventurous, as imaginative, and as agog to see the world as his brother was.”

In the book, Woman in Front of the Sun she uses the lady who slept with one eye open to metaphorically show how the artist may use possible means to overcome efforts by anyone to prevent her from realizing her abilities and talents. Through the use of metaphors, Virginia and Cofer have managed to drive their point home. They have artistically shown that nothing can change his mind in the way of determination and dedication.

The two writers have in there working gone an extra mile in condemning evils perpetrated against ladies in society, and  have used writing as an avenue to agitate for women’s rights. Cofer shows, that the essays she has written, are drawn from what her grandmother used to tell her, when she was young, whereas Woolf’s stories are centered   on the lectures she delivered at Newhm College and Girton College. The lives of the two women are different, because when Cofer is battling with the challenges of being torn between two languages and cultures in pursuing her studies, Woolf is facing a totally different problem, which stems from her father, who is a conservative of very old norms for he thinks education of a girl child is not of much importance.

While Wolf thinks that a woman must have her own money and a room to write fiction, Cofer does not give wealth as a requirement she only believes in the determination and dedication to starting the writing carrier. The educational levels of the two authors have a substantial difference, when Woolf talks of a chance to get formal education in their home, Cofer is seen to acquire M.A and B.A in English.

The authors seem to have the same problems posed to them by their families, and societies, but Wolf’s case is a little more serious, as she is significantly affected by the death of her mother, while she is only thirteen and later the death of her half sister. The two authors have attached much value to education as Woolf reiterates that it is essential to go to school, and shows the consequences of not studying by telling us of the death of Judith through showing her commit suicide; Cofer proves this by studying and becoming a lecturer.

The two authors are learned with Virginia being least learned, even though, she was able to take courses at degree level in different countries, like Greek, Latin, German and History. This has been proven by Cofer’s own words showing her contentedness.

“I had brains for sure and some talent in writing. These facts were a constant in my life. My skin color, my size, and my appearance were variables-things that were judged according to my current self-image, the aesthetics values of the times, the places I was in, and the people I met. My  studies later my writing, the respect  of people who saw me as a person they cared about, these were the criteria  for my sense of self worth that I would concentrate on in my life” p16.

The health complications with Virginia were triggered by her father’s death in 1904, which led to her short period of institutionalization. Her breakdowns and depressive periods were as a result of sexual abuse by her half brother according to Quentin Bell. The authors have gone through a number of hurdles to build their repute. Through their hard lives at their tender age, they dedicated resources and made it popular.

Lessons drawn from the success of these authors are many. However, hard and steep the paths of acquiring educations might be it is not wise to wear a faint heart and throw in the towel. It is equally advisable to bull on talent and choosing of role models wisely; this is so, because Virginia got her motivation and inspiration from her father, who was an editor of a certain dictionary. Cofer also identified with a nun, who helped her with books that contributed to her success in the writing profession, even though the church was against it. The authors of either books share similar problems but determination and conclusion conquers it all.


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