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One of the most important considerations for people who venture to seek a kind of life suitable for their lifestyle is where to live. When it comes to deciding where to live, the usual question that arises is whether to settle in the city or in the country. However, before people can even decide where to live it is essential to take into account distinguishing factors, such as education, employment and healthcare, which make the city life better than the country life or vice versa. Indeed, answers to these questions depend on people’s values and attitudes and whatever fits people’s personality. Nonetheless, the life in the city is more preferred than life in the country by people who seek higher and modernized education, career development and an advanced social life.

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If compared, education in the city and in the country differs in various aspects. Educational institutes found in urban areas are usually larger than the ones in rural areas and, more often capable of providing wider selections of courses and extra-curricular activities. Most of the prestigious universities in the United States are found in the city, such as Harvard and Princeton, not to mention the best graduate schools in different fields like Law, Medical, and Business. Naturally, individuals who intend to be highly competitive and qualified in their chosen field would opt to attend renowned universities which would not only provide them quality education but also the reputation of being a graduate of a prestigious educational institution. In terms of students’ characteristics, urban school students appear to be more vast and heterogeneous. Unlike the rural students who usually come from the one community with the same culture and ways of life, urban students vary in  race and cultures which allows students more opportunities to interact with individuals of differing backgrounds and improve their educational and sociological development.

When it comes to career development, the city offers more employment opportunities than the country. In most rural areas, the jobs available are generally agricultural related. Farming and livestock are the major sources of employment in rural areas. Notably, the rural economy is becoming increasingly diverse, allowing more job opportunities in other fields like industries and businesses. However, in spite of the increase in the employment opportunities available in the countryside, unemployment is still a problem for most individuals due to limited and less varying job opportunities. On the other hand, the city offers a wide variety of occupations that may be very helpful and beneficial for people who seek career development. Virtually, all kinds of jobs; mental or physical, are accessible in the urban areas of America. There are hundreds or even thousands of occupations available for individuals with different educational background. Simply, one could be anyone he/she wishes to be in the city because of the vast and diverse employment opportunities available. Furthermore, employees in the city normally receive a higher or better compensation than those working in the country. Hence, they have better chances of improving their economic lives and achieving their professional aspirations.

With regards to social life, it is unquestionably that the city and country’s forms of entertainment are tremendously different. The life in the country is a lot simpler than what the city offers. The streets are not as bright and busy as the streets of urban America, especially at night. The evenings in rural America are maybe not as fearless and daring as what is experienced in the city.  Normally, people in rural America live small communities with their family and some friends. They do not have as much opportunity as people in the city have to socialize with diverse individuals. They are limited to mingling with their family members or old friends, not to mention the limited venues for entertainment available for people. Another issue that country people confront is the digital divide that currently exists between the rural and urban America. In today’s world, access to computers and Internet is important not just in terms of entertainment but, most essentially, in connecting to the rest of the world. Even if people in the country are more than willing to pay to be served by a broadband Internet provider, there is simply no service available. On the contrary, the city has virtually all forms of entertainment a person could think of, from restaurants to movie houses, to vast shopping malls, to clubs and casinos. Indeed, the city is full of fun, excitement, entertainment, and activities that endlessly amuse people of diverse culture.

Life in the city and life in the country are apparently different in many ways. Life in the country is normally preferred by individuals who seek a quiet, simpler, and tranquil kind of lifestyle. Life in the city on the other hand, is chosen by people who favor a busy, moving, and fast paced kind of lifestyle. The city life also perfectly fits the needs of those individuals who seek higher and modernized education, career development, and advanced social life. 


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